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It took 10 weeks for them to get here, but they have arrived and I am so excited! Pettis are here! No, not pedicures, though it is getting to be sandal season. Petticoats! I’ve got 3 colors in 2 sizes. I have baby pink which can fit 6mos to atleast 2 years old (as you’ll see Madeline can fit into it) and for the older girls(which also fits 2T+), red and a raspberry rainbow (teal, purple, yellow). If you’ve got a girl, I’ll probably bring these along to the session. But please don’t hesitate to request them 😉

S – A ham

April 29, 2007

After I met D&D I had a session with S. She was a sweet little thing, smiles from the beginning. Rarely do I share 2 photos from a session, but I can’t stop laughing at the second. Already getting upset with the paparazzi!

Time to catch up! D&D

April 29, 2007

How do I know spring is here? Because I’m my schedule is full and I’m doing outdoor sessions again. Last weekend I had two sessions. My first was a brother and sister, D&D. Little D just adored her older brother. It was great to meet them.

I finally got my summer availability onto the website. A few things about summer sessions:

  • They will be at 9am or 11am weekdays
  • They will be at 9am, 11am, 4pm or 6pm on weekends
  • Sessions at Mill Race will be on weekdays or designated Sundays ONLY! It is too hard to plan around weddings during the summer (Mill Race is often closed on Saturdays for weddings).
  • Weekend Sessions will be $125, weekday $100.
  • If you would like a weekday session that is not listed as available, please contact me. There is some flexibility to weekday session dates.
  • Weekend sessions will ONLY be on the dates posted.
  • Weekday and Saturday sessions can still be at the location of your choice, Sundays are ONLY at Mill Race.

Look for my fall availability to be released very soon as well!

Last week was my lucky week! Back to back newborns! I love newborns, so I was happy to take on the challenge. While Mr. F did nothing but sleep, Miss T didn’t want to sleep for us! Finally after lots of coaxing, some bribes, and many bottles, Miss T fell asleep. She was a very sweet baby and reminded me so much of my own Lil Sweet Pea, Madeline. It was a joy to photograph Miss T and her first of many days defying mom and dad 😉

I got the pleasure of not one, but two newborns last week. My first was Little F. He was such a dream. Managed to sleep the entire time. Didn’t mind being nearly naked, didn’t mind the fact the wind was blowing and snow was falling outside (by the way, what is up with the snow?). He just slept and slept and slept. Mom even tried to wake him a few times with no luck! I didn’t managed to get any photos of F’s eyes, but I did get many sweet sleeping pictures.