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I was on a session blitz 2 weeks ago. 4 sessions in one week plus a charity event. Oh, and my 7-3 teaching job too. Yes, it was a busy time. But it was great to meet everyone. This is little B. He was 6 weeks old and had some opinions about this photo shoot. Like every newborn session it was unpredictable. We got smiles, serious in thought poses and crying. It was a fun session, with some memorable events :) Oh, and dad, I think he’s ready for Baby Gap w/ this smile.

I’ve got the best job. There’s is nothing that puts a smile on my face like photographing newborns. I’ve had a string of wee little ones lately. Almost 2 weeks ago I got to meet A. She was sleeping when I got there, so no battling that. When we started off the session, we placed her into my cozy fluffy and warm bean bag chair (yes, I just shared a secret….you’ll have to book a newborn session to find out more). Almost immediately A started smiling. Sure, they say it’s gas, but I think she was ready to perform! I think she has a future as a model for PBK 😉

Serious S….

May 9, 2007

Last week on a BEAUTIFUL day, I got to meet S in the Arb on U of M’s campus. S was not too sure of me. She didn’t want to smile too much and tried really hard at times to not smile and laugh. Little did S know, we manages to capture some stunning photos of her 😉

Two weeks ago I got the pleasure of meeting A and C. The session was a blast. C didn’t want to sit still at all, he wanted to move, move, move. A was a natural model. He could strike a pose and everything. These two are all boy! From the muddy pants, to playing in the dirt.