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What to Wear?

July 25, 2007

I get asked often, “What should my child wear to the session?” If you check out what my own daughter wears, I am a fan of colors, patterns and funkiness. I love stores like Children’s Place, Baby Gap, Gymboree and Janie and Jack. And my daughter is often photographed in something from one of those stores.

I just have to share a recent discovery (and I’m sure, soon to be obsession), Matilda Jane. I’ve heard about her clothing in the photography world, and now I know why. It is down right adorable. Mix and match pieces with such personality (warning, this isn’t cheap). Right now she only does art fairs (I saw her at the Plymouth Art fair) and trunk shows. So the clothing is hard to come by. But it is well worth it! I’m thinking of possibly having a fall trunk show if any of my clients are interested.

Now onto the photos….This was from a VERY quick session in downtown Northville with my daughter last week. I just needed to get this out there and share with my clients 😉

A few weeks back I got to meet A and D. D was so mellow, so laid back. He seemed to just go with the flow. A wasn’t too sure about the events. He was on the go, go, go. With the help of a dancing grandma, we did manage to catch his attention a few times.

I was so excited to get the session to mom and dad, I forgot to post my sneak peek first. So here’s a peek for everyone else 😉

Just a note, I will be out of touch July 26-29th. And I’ve slacked on releasing all of my July specials. So I will be releasing them in August! Look for a newsletter too with my fall dates and August offers 😉

I promised two really cool holiday in July offers. Well here is my first! Since I’m in the giving mood, seeing as it’s only a few days till the store have up Christmas tree displays, I’m going to give away free money!

What do I mean? Buy a $200 gift certificate, and I will write it out for $300! That’s right, from now till July 31st, I will give you $100 of “FREE” money! What do you need to do? Send me an email and tell me how many $200 gift certificates you want (that’s right, I’m not going to limit this. Buy one, buy one hundred!). I will write out the gift certificate for $300.

My gift certificates can be made out to whomever you’d like (yourself, a friend, etc). They come packaged beautifully, ready for gift giving! And my gift certificates are good for one year! They may be redeemed on sessions and/or prints (not valid on GA bags or canvases).

So hurry up and buy TODAY! You’ve only got 2 weeks to take advantage of this offer!

C – Again

July 18, 2007

Last week I got to photograph C again. It was for his big 1 year old photo session. And much like the C I met a few months ago, he was on the run. This time he was walking and running! I managed to get some fabulous smiles thanks to the help of big brother A. Don’t worry A, I’ll send jelly beans like I promised! It was hard to pick ones for the sneak peek. But this “duck” walk one made me laugh!

Don’t worry, I will post one of the July offers tonight!

My site has been updated with my new pricing and collections. Like I stated before, there was a jump in the pricing of my wall portraits. I also changed the structure of the collections. All collections come with an album. The Madeline comes with the session album, the Rose comes with a 5×7 black leather accordion album, the Cecelia comes with a leather mini album.

I have also decided to release digital collections. These collections will include reproduction releases (so you can have the images printed) as well as a list of suggested vendors. For $1500 you can receive a CD with all the images from your online gallery. For $750 you can chose 10 images from your online gallery. And for $250 you can have your favorite image on a CD (after a $300 portrait purchase).

Check back soon, I’ve got 2 more Christmas (or Holidays) in July offers! You won’t want to miss these!

Fall Dates Released!

July 16, 2007

I will have limited fall sessions available this year. As many of my clients know, I am a high school teacher as well as a mom to a 2 year old. My hope is to minimize my time away from my family, while not impacting my clients. So rather then have one or two sessions every weekend, I’ll offer one or two days (a month) filled with sessions. Never fear though! I have sessions available at 9am, 11am, 2pm and 4pm.

So if you are seeking a fall session, please contact me ASAP! Session fees will be $225 for all sessions in September and on.

If there is a demand, other dates may be released. So please contact me if you’d like to be placed on a waitlist for another date.

November dates will be released in September/October. Cut off for holiday sessions will be November 11th. No sessions will be available in December (exclusions are baby planners, and newborns).

With my vacation I’m a bit behind in processing. I got to meet K and H over a week ago. We ventured out to beautiful Cranbrook. It was a sunny but cool day. K was ready to be a superstar model for me. H wasn’t so sure. He ran almost every time I pointed the camera at him. Finally we found our common ground, talking about yucky jelly bean and goldfish flavors (like boogers or dirt, EWWW!). I am having a blast proofing this session. There are MANY funny outtakes that I have to share here 😉

I got to meet Miss K and Miss M last week, between the hot and humid weather. K and M were adorable! Miss K had all the locations she wanted to be photographed at scoped out before our session. She was a big fan of the rocks! It was great fun to photograph these girls. It was a playdate with a camera!

And to mom, you’ve just got to wait a little bit longer before you see all of the photos 😉

When I’m not “taking pictures of babies” as my two year old says, I’m spending time with my daughter and husband. One of our favorite places to go in the summer is the splash park in Plymouth, otherwise know as McClumpa Park. It’s a great place for the little ones to get wet. Mom and dad can play too! It’s possible to play with the little ones and not get TOO wet.