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We’re on display

August 21, 2007

I know I shared this news on my newsletter, but I want to share it with my bloggers too! Lil Sweet Pea Photography’s work is now featured at Riley Grace Boutique in downtown Plymouth ( 487 Forest ). Riley Grace is a consignment shop with some of the best clothes and selection I have found around. It’s bright and cheerful and they have a nice play stuff for children (just ask my Madeline).

I am very excited and proud to have my work, and your Lil Sweet Pea’s on display. If you are in the area, please stop by and check out the display. I have 10 images up around the store. Plus you can always score some great deals on some wonderful clothing!

I got to meet Miss L and her grandma today. We had a play date at the beach. Miss L wanted nothing to do with me at first :( But after some coaxing, and some time in the water (I was up to my knees in the lake) we captured some amazing images. I have to share two photos of Miss L. Of course her Matilda Jane outfit 😉 And then one that shows just how cute she is.

And now, my bloggingpalozza is over. Good Night 😉

So I rave about Matilda Jane and what happens? I get 2 sessions in the same week w/ Matilda Jane outfits. How sweet is that 😉 Meet G and E. I absolutely LOVED their outfits. I gave you a flavor of both here. These girls were very sweet and oh so cute 😉

Miss S…Again

August 17, 2007

I got to see Miss S again this week. She brought along an entourage this time. Her parents, grandparents and a cousin. Miss S was up for being in every photo and handled the session like a true model! I think the power nap she took on the ride over worked wonders.

Brothers J & B

August 17, 2007

I normally don’t share on my blog until my editing is near finished on a session. However, I’m so eager to share from all of my sessions this week. So get ready for a bloggingpalozza! By the way, I’m no where near done editing!

Meet J and B. Brothers (of course). They kept me on my toes. When J wanted to pose, B didn’t. And when B wanted to, J didn’t. Nonetheless, I managed to capture some great images of them. I hope you like them mom and dad 😉

My PSA for the day!

August 12, 2007

I got my computer back yesterday. It was BAD, very bad! They were SHOCKED it was still running :( My main C: Drive from 1998 was shot. The best they could do was pull the data and put it onto my new hard drive. I lost 10 years worth of programs!

My other internal is also on it’s last leg! It’s only 2 years old. I’ve lost most of the files on it. The hardest thing to face is the fact that I lost 2 years worth of FAMILY photos! While I’ve been good about securing my client’s images, I have slacked on my own!

Once I finish getting the data I can off my internal, I’m sending it out to see what I can retrieve of my own images.

I thought I was safe with 2 internal drives, an external and DVD backups. The problem was, my DVD burner stopped working (likely due to the condition of my internal drives). So I never got around to transfering my own images.

I’m done trusting harware storage. I will continue to back up client images on my external, and on DVD, but I am also moving to secure online storage as well. I’m currently uploading all of my more recent personal images online as we speak!

Please, back up those digital images you have at home! Places like allow unlimited photo storage for $25/year! There are places like and that will allow you to back up videos, files, data, etc.

Do NOT trust your computer, or your DVD or your external! Everything has a flaw!

Again, no client images were lost in this crash. Just my own ;(

Computer DOWN!

August 9, 2007

I’ve been holding out for WAY too long on updating my computer. I built this computer back originally in 1998! It’s been through many upgrades and has been a nice little work horse. Unfortunately my original hard drive is in dire need of replacing. It works, but it’s maxed out and my computer has been crashing and freezing like crazy.

I thought some new RAM might help save the day, but all it’s gotten me is the love Window’s Blue Screen of Death!

So I’m packing up my computer and driving it over to Computer Builder’s Warehouse in hopes they can save him!

Never fear, all of your images are backed and on either my other internal drive or my external. So this will not effect your images other then I will be without a computer for 2 days!

If you need to contact me, I will try to check my email…but I can’t promise anything. The best thing will be to call me until my computer is back to me, and healthy 😉

Hopefully this IS only a 24 hour fix…..I’ve thought about getting an apple, (my laptop is apple) but I was hoping to be able to hold off on the new computer for a little while longer.

Thank you for your patience!

A year ago I launched Lil Sweet Pea Photography. I put an ad on craigslist that just snowballed. I managed in a few weeks to fill my calendar for 6 months! I want to thank all of those clients, families and lil sweet peas, for helping my business grow to what it is today. With out you, I wouldn’t be here today!

So thank you! I plan on offering some specials this month. Look for a newsletter (if you’ve signed up, there is a sign up right on my blog) soon, and check the blog for some specials!