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Miss E …..Arrrrrgh!

September 29, 2007

I had the pleasure of meeting mom, dad and big brother before Miss E made her appearance in this world. At that time we weren’t sure if she’d be a boy or a girl. She’s neither, she’s a pirate. I about died, when I snapped this photo of Miss E. Apparently the “pirate” look is one of the things Miss E does. I of course also have to share a lovely peaceful sleeping shot 😉

M turns 1!

September 29, 2007

M was one of my VERY first newborns. Since then I’ve had the privilege of capturing him at 3 months, 6 months and now the big one year session. M was on the move which was a change from the stationary guy I first met. I’m sharing 2 of M. I had to share what “the” chair is like now at one year. He fit perfect on it as a newborn, we crammed him into it at 6 months, and now at one year, he wants nothing to do with it 😉

Mom and dad, sorry for the delay. I’m actually posting this AFTER you saw the gallery. But I didn’t forget about you!

Meet G, M and A

September 16, 2007

A few weeks back I got to meet G, M, and A. Now I was told M would be the shy one. He was nothing but a ham the entire session! Despite the silly faces given by all three, I did manage to capture a few great shots. I love this one, little A turned around to see what I was doing 😉

Back 2 School = Bad Blogger

September 16, 2007

I neglected to share two recent sessions on my blog. I am so sorry. Going back to school has made my mind turn to mush. So meet……….

Miss L. She was a FAST newborn session. All business. She gave me 10 minutes of sleeping, 30 minutes of awake and 5 minutes of crying when her mom wanted her to wear a hat 😉

I’m it….

September 3, 2007

Seems I was tagged by the LOVELY Stevie from Hocus Focus Photography. Once tagged you have to offer up 8 tidbits of info about yourself that not everyone knows about you. And since I’m a chatty gal…well this could be hard.

  1. I hate scary movies. I can’t stand to watch them.
  2. I have a big fear of tornadoes. Which is great when we have a tornado warning at school, LOL!
  3. I collect Elmos. Yes, the furry red monster. I have an autographed one from Kevin Clash, Elmo’s puppeteer and probably 500 more in the basement. My daughter is NOT allowed to play with MY Elmos.
  4. I can list all 50 states in alphabetical order.
  5. I am super afraid of mice. And I normally have at least one in my classroom tormenting me all year!
  6. I love grape kool-aid.
  7. I’m allergic to Las Vegas. Lived there for 3 years and always had a runny nose. Has never happened anywhere else. Went back to visit and runny nose came RIGHT back.
  8. I love chocolate. Lame, I know. But my love of chocolate turn my husband into a chocolate lover, and now our 2 year old.

Now I get to pick and torture a few photogs of my liking 😉

Stefanie Weber –
Audrey Woulard –
Jennifer Adams –
Donna Hornsby –
Bonnie Horseman –
Laura Brigandi –
Angela Calderon –

Lots of behind the scenes changes have been going on to make Lil Sweet Pea run smoother (since it’s almost time to head back to school). I debuted a new ordering system. Now you can order collections online, the early order discount is automatic and you can see previews of crops! So far I’m loving it and I think you will too!

As part of my new ordering system, I can now showcase some of my offerings. I have just released my holiday card designs (19 different ones in different styles and sizing). I also have samples of my birth announcements (9 different designs in both boy and girl options).

So please, go check out the new client ordering gallery. I’d love feedback from those who have used it! And if nothing else, you can check out the new cards designs.