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It’s official, there’s no denying it. I can not contact those clients that use a hotmail account. I’ve looked into this, and it appears that this is a common issue right now with hotmail. If you are a client w/ a hotmail account, I can receive your emails. It appears however my replies or direct emails to your account are not working.

If you’ve tried to contact me, or are waiting for me to contact you, please drop me a call.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. It seems this is something that has to be resolved on hotmail’s end. If you have another non-hotmail email address you use. Please give me that email address.

Gotta love technology!

Meet T and N

October 23, 2007

On the same day as Miss S’s session, I got to meet T and N. Now for T and N’s session, we actually took out the family boat. Yes, boating in early October. And like I said, it was 90 degrees! YIKES! T and N were good sports though. And I got to learn about “Pooh sticks” from them. At the very end of the session, T and N tried their hands at fishing. I managed to “catch” this image 😉

Miss S turns 1!

October 23, 2007

Miss S turned one and we got to do her photo session a few weeks ago. This fall has been crazy as you know if you’re in the area. On the day of Miss S’s session, it was 90 degrees and probably 100% humidity. But since it’s October, we managed to get some summer images (by mom’s pretty flowers), and then some fall images in the fallen leaves. Poor S had to put on a sweater for the “fall” images, even though it was no where NEAR fall temps!

Meet future Wolverine, B

October 23, 2007

I could tell as I drove up to little B’s house, I would get along w/ his family. Mom and dad are die hard wolverines (GO BLUE!). Their house is filled with U of M stuff, including beautiful engagement and wedding images from campus.

So while photographing 2 weeks old B on the field wasn’t an option (hey mom and dad, we could try next fall!), we did manage to sneak a little maize and blue into the photo session!

Meet O and L….

October 23, 2007

Mr. O was turning one, so I got a chance to photograph him and big sis L. O was so filled with smiles. He had a really cool room that we hung out in for awhile. Big sister L was eager to show me her room as well. Both O and L were great little models!

I’ve been swamped (to say the least). I’ve been in such a rush to proof client sessions and get them online, I’ve neglected the sneak peeks.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t share those precious Lil Sweet Peas!

So get ready for a blogapalozza! All those October Sessions I failed to share….coming right up!