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Busy, Busy, Busy

November 29, 2007

Sorry I’ve neglected the blog this month. I’ve been busy, busy, busy! All Holiday orders have been placed. If you are waiting on an order, my hold ups have been with large print sizes, canvases and albums. But I should have most orders out the door next week!

Look for the image(s) of 2008 contest coming up soon! Look for a fresh look to the website, a new intro page, a new blog, and 2008 will bring the launch of my senior photography business as well.

Lots coming up soon!

Another visit w/ A and D.

November 16, 2007

Last time I saw A and D they were great, but not really into having their pictures taken. We had to result to having grandma dance behind me. This time when I arrived, D was in tears and A wasn’t too keen on the idea of pictures either.

That QUICKLY changed. A and D were so good! They warmed right up to the camera. I managed to capture some wonderful family images. But I just had to share these. A was having fun playing under his slide, and D was content to chill out on the couch.

I got the opportunity to hang out with J and A last weekend. Mom warned me that J would be shy, hard to work with at first, etc. While A was going to be easy. Well of course, J was the easy camera happy one and A was running away in true little boy fashion! These brothers were a BLAST! J is a future J Crew model! He was posing himself at most locations!! And A, well A was just a cutie!

I got to meet A last weekend. A was very eager to get here. She came 7 weeks early! I got to meet her when she was just about 4 weeks old (still 3 weeks early). During our session, she refused to sleep (though we got a few fake sleeping shots), she tried several times to crawl, and she definitely has a mind of her own and know what she will and won’t do 😉

All that said, she was a joy to photograph! And I can’t wait to see her again around 6 months!