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I am so excited. I literally just got off the phone with Heather, who will be our trunk host! The dates are picked and we will be some of the first people to get our hands on the new Matilda Jane line! WOOOOOOOO!

The details….The trunk show will be hosted from Feb 15-19th (at 5pm). The line become available on the 15th! Like I said, some of the FIRST! Matilda Jane is only sold at art shows and through trunk shows. All you have to do is drop me an email and I’ll add you onto my MJ mailing list. I will send you an email with details on how to order (and I’ll probably post them here as well). This show will be online! No parties to go to, no pressure to order!

If you’d like to be included on the mailing list please email me ASAP at I will get you added to my email list so that you don’t miss out on ANY details.

Check out the Matilda Jane Blog to see what the last 2 lines have looked like!

And the winner is……

January 21, 2008

Wow! Did the emails ever pour in for this contest. At times I was opening my inbox to find 100 new votes! I’ve gone through and tallied the votes, deleted duplicates and combined sibling votes (sorry to the families who had two to choose from).

At times the votes were only one vote away on several of the contestants. But in the end, there was a last minute surge and I’m happy to announce that Mr. B, #14 was the winner!

I really think it was the Michigan football that helped B pull off the win! I mean how can you NOT vote for a Michigan baby 😉

B’s parents now get the option of a Gina Alexander cosmetic bag (something I’m sure dad wants) or a 5×5 coffee table album!

I want to again thank all the families of 2007! Please check out the slideshow if you haven’t seen it. I look forward to hopefully seeing most of you again in 2008. And maybe your child will be the Lil Sweet Pea of 2008!

A year in Review

January 5, 2008

Not to steal the thunder from the contest. But here’s a link to my 2007 review show. This is the PC web version. You’ll need to download a quick safe plug-in to view 😉

And here’s the Flash version which should work on PC’s and Mac’s (you’ll need Adobe Flash which most computers have).

I hope you enjoy.

Last year Mr. C won it. Who will win this year?

I’m looking for the Lil Sweet Pea of 2007. Unfortunately, I’m not able to feature everyone here. I had the horrible task of narrowing down from all of my sessions to 23! Believe me, it was HARD!

Onto the details….For this year’s winner I am offering winners choice of a custom Gina Alexander cosmetic bag OR a purse copy (5″x5″) of my new coffee table books (with images from your session this year).

So how does this contest work? Below you will find several photos. Just email your favorite choice number to . Include your pick in either the subject area, or within the email. Limit one entry per email address. If you see your child here, feel free to email this site to everyone you know 😉 If you can’t read the numbers, you can enlarge each photo by clicking on it!

Now, onto the photos!

The voting will close at midnight on January 18th, 2008. Now get voting!

So what happens when your good friend has a baby? Well you get to be the official photographer, right? My friend was due in mid-December. We did a maternity session right after Thanksgiving. Then I had to ship my camera off to Canon for repair :( I was paranoid that the baby would come and I would be cameraless! I did manage to get some back-ups in place though. However my friend continued to stay pregnant (#1 was 4 weeks early….we expected the same with #2).

I finally got word on December 19th that my camera was fixed and coming back home. Wouldn’t you know, Miss R was born the next day (I believe 4 days over due). Yes, that’s right….she was waiting for my camera to get back! I so knew it would be a girl, LOL!

Get ready for lots of Miss R this year! She is the baby spokesgirl for 2008! I want to start by sharing this image. Since Miss R was taking her sweet time, I decided to order a 100mm macro lens (since I do a lot of newborn sessions). This shot just grabs me. Maybe it’s her little “earring” or her sweet mouth, or her gorgeous eyes.

Welcome to the world Miss R!