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In the next week or so, I’m going to run a series of posts written by a fellow photographer that address custom photography.  You can find all of these articles on the Blog, Professional Child Photographer.  We’ll start with What is Custom Photography?

The photographic art you choose to place on your wall is ultimately the result of the vision of the photographer. This vision, coupled with what you wear to your session, the environment, the lighting, even the mood the subjects are in at the time of photographing creates the work that you will want to proudly display on your walls forevermore.

Your first step in the process is more about determining who you are, who your family is and then seeking a photographer that reflects your style. For instance let’s say your family is extremely outdoorsy and loves playing on the beach. You start determining what style you like, browse through photography website portfolios and determine if any of the styles exhibited there would be a good fit with your life and family style. You have already determined that you should probably seek out a beach type photographer (that is if you live near a beach) and then begin narrowing the field down a bit.

Finally after a bit of internet research, you have narrowed it down to two photographers who do what seems like solid work, the sort of outdoor beach look you desire.  It is now time to ask yourself: Do you like photographer A’s style over photographer B’s style? Is it because the people in the images of A’s style are having a great time and it seems very caught up in the moment vs. B photographer more posed, looking in the camera images? If this is a case, you probably like LIFESTYLE photography or perhaps even take it a step further and define your desired style as a PHOTOJOURNALISTIC photography style. The photographer you probably should choose is photographer A because their style is very similar to the style you desire.

What custom photography ultimately is all about is choice and experience (as in THE experience). Custom photography is about finding someone who will photograph your family, give you devoted 1:1 attention without worry of the next ‘in line’ or the feeling of a crowded portrait studio. A custom photographer will typically show you a fairly extensive gallery culled to only show the good images that meet the photographers’ creative sensibilities. Often the images are fully edited images-color corrected with blemishes and undereye circles removed. Custom photographers are also known as boutique studios, offering a range of products and unparalleled service. Think Lexus vs. Hyundai, think Nordstrom vs. WalMart.

Custom photography should have you, the client and your experience in mind.

Get ready to SHOP!

March 26, 2008

I am a SUCKER for cute hats, especially on the babies I photograph.  I’m managing to get quite the collection.  My absolute favs though are the La Folie Knit hats!  Well, La Folie is having a sale!  All of their hats (which are normally $42) are $10!   I did manage to get a ton of 0-6 months (ATTENTION mom’s with newborns to 6 month olds, you need to book a session ASAP, LOL :)).

I know many of you like the same things as me, so I had to share these hats with all of you!  I realize that winter is NEARLY over here in MI, but these hats are too cute to pass on!   They also have mittens, gloves, scarves and sweaters!

Happy Shopping!

Welcome to my new blog!

March 21, 2008

Well, I won the battle!  Amy 1, Blog 0!  Oh it was a tough battle.  For someone who doesn’t know a ton of HTML, creating something like a website (or in this case, blog) is challenging!  I gave up website design to a company that caters to photographers, but I was determined to make this blog work!

My final challenge with the blog was moving over all of the posts from the last 2 years, as well as your sneak peeks!   But I did it!  So everything that was over on my old blogger blog is now here!

Some perks to this blog, you can now search for items within my blog.  You can also subscribe to my blog!  If you’ve bookmarked the old blog, please update your bookmark with this new site :)

Now without further ado, it is time to make this site live and share it with all my clients, families, and friends!

Some of my Matilda Jane order was waiting for me today! OMG! I can not WAIT to get Mads into all of it! Denise outdid herself w/ this line! I also can not wait to order more! I have 4 more pieces coming (on back order) and I probably have another 4 (AT LEAST) that I want to order, LOL!

What can I say…..I love me some Matilda Jane. Would it be wrong for me to change Mads name to Matilda Jane?

If you’re want to order, we will be having another show at the end of the month! Wooooo!

Oh and there’s something in the works (well a few things). I have some new FABU client guides for you now. They cover everything from before the session, to what to wear, the ordering process, and even design ideas for you house! I can’t wait to share them with all of you! In an effort to be some what more eco-friendly, I’m going to eliminate my presession mailings and use these new online guides.

I’m working on a new blog. It’s a LOVE/HATE relationship between me and the blog right now. But I will win! Look for that soon (it’ll be a new address too, so you’ll need to update those bookmarks). I’m going to have a new feature with my blog too! If you are a mommy or family with a small business, I would LOVE to feature you and your business. It can be anything from house cleaning, to Mary Kay, to Creative Memories to Home Repairs, etc. So look for more info on that soon!

Also this summer I’m hosting a workshop in Detroit (yes, the actual city of Detroit) and we’ll be in need of models. We’ll be looking for children with a good disposition and a HUGE wardrobe (we’ll ask you to bring lots of stuff from classic to fun to funky). I’ll have more info on that soon as well.

So like I said….lots in the works!

Ready for another?

March 11, 2008

I can’t resist Matilda Jane. So yes, I’m hosting another show! If you were part of the first show you know we were waiting on all the pieces to be placed online. Well believe it or not, everything STILL isn’t up. But we’re going to pick a date for the next show and hope everything will be posted online before then. For those wanting the March Knot Dress (I soooo want that dress), you can get it! And for those wanting the April Knot Dress, you can get it 😉

Heather and I put some thought into this one….the next show will be March 30-April 1st! So you can order the April dress too 😉 (We’re so smart, aren’t we?). If you’re on my MJ mailing list already, you’re good. If you’d like to be added please drop me an email and I will add you!

When K called me to book her session and told me there would be 5 boys, I’m not going to lie…..I was a smidge worried. After all, this winter has not been too kind to outdoor shots. And how was I going to work with 5 boys inside! I have to say this was one of my MOST FUN sessions to date! I had a blast with A, T, E, C and B.

I joked with mom (K) about how some of my friends have asked me if I’m worried about going into people’s houses. They’ve asked “Aren’t you afraid you’ll be kidnapped?” Well after 3 1/2 hours with K, she admitted she was kidnapping me, LOL!

I apologize for the delay, but there are over 100 images in your gallery! (I guess that’s what happens when you’re photographing 5 boys). While I work on finishing up the gallery….here are some glimpses into the fun we had! Oh and a special image of sweet B! He was one of the most laid back and happy babies I’ve met. But you kinda have to be when you’re the smallest of 5, LOL!