Some of my Matilda Jane order was waiting for me today! OMG! I can not WAIT to get Mads into all of it! Denise outdid herself w/ this line! I also can not wait to order more! I have 4 more pieces coming (on back order) and I probably have another 4 (AT LEAST) that I want to order, LOL!

What can I say…..I love me some Matilda Jane. Would it be wrong for me to change Mads name to Matilda Jane?

If you’re want to order, we will be having another show at the end of the month! Wooooo!

Oh and there’s something in the works (well a few things). I have some new FABU client guides for you now. They cover everything from before the session, to what to wear, the ordering process, and even design ideas for you house! I can’t wait to share them with all of you! In an effort to be some what more eco-friendly, I’m going to eliminate my presession mailings and use these new online guides.

I’m working on a new blog. It’s a LOVE/HATE relationship between me and the blog right now. But I will win! Look for that soon (it’ll be a new address too, so you’ll need to update those bookmarks). I’m going to have a new feature with my blog too! If you are a mommy or family with a small business, I would LOVE to feature you and your business. It can be anything from house cleaning, to Mary Kay, to Creative Memories to Home Repairs, etc. So look for more info on that soon!

Also this summer I’m hosting a workshop in Detroit (yes, the actual city of Detroit) and we’ll be in need of models. We’ll be looking for children with a good disposition and a HUGE wardrobe (we’ll ask you to bring lots of stuff from classic to fun to funky). I’ll have more info on that soon as well.

So like I said….lots in the works!

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