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I am on a blogging roll.  Okay, I’ll admit it.  I JUST finished Mr. W’s session and mailed it off to mom and dad.  But I had to jump right into B’s session.  For the workshop we rented some pretty sweet lenses.  And I was able to use those lenses on B’s session.  So I had to jump in and edit some pictures ASAP!

And let me just say……..I am in love.  And love is expensive, but soooo worth it.  From these images of B you’ll NEVER guess I had crazy dancing grandma behind me 1/2 the session and poor mom jumping around like a fool for the rest.  You’d never guess that Mr. B made mom and grandma work HARD.

For those techno-photog types, this session I got to use the Canon 85mmL 1.2 lens.  It is truly sweet perfection!!!  Okay enough blabbering.   Onto the photos 😉



First of all, I want to thank all of my GREAT clients that came out and modeled for my workshop this week. The other photographers were blown away by your generosity and your absolutely adorable children! And I got to sit back and claim you were mine, LOL!

Before the madness of the workshop hit, in the blur of the last days of school, I got to visit with one of my favorite families. Mr. C and Mr. A have a new brother, Mr. W. It was a joy to see everyone again. And as much as I wanted to dive into all my new workshop images, my loyalty lies with my clients and proofing in session order 😉


So without further ado, Mr. W, Mr. C, and Mr. A. I have one more Lil Sweet Pea session to proof, then one of my Seniorology Sessions and then I can share some AWESOME workshop images!





Nine years ago my mom sat me and my sister down for a talk. We never really have serious talks, so we knew something was up. We found out that my mom had breast cancer. I was 23, my sister was 18. The idea at that time that I might lose my mom was unfathomable.

I’m lucky to say that nine years later, my mom is cancer free. Now that I’m a mom and she’s a grandma, the idea of losing her is even more scary! I truly feel for all of those that have lost a love one to breast cancer. The scare of breast cancer was more then enough for me.

My mom has done several of the Komen “Race for the Cure” walks in the past. This year she (and a group of friends) have decided to tackle the 3 Day Walk. I am in awe of those that attempt and complete the three day walk. I’m not going to walk it with her, but I’m hoping to help her reach (and exceed) her fundraising goal.

I am going to offer ALL my past clients from 2006-2008 the opportunity to purchase their digital images at a discounted rate plus a donation to the three day walk. Single images will start at $35 ($10 of which will be a donation) and sessions will start at $150 ($50 of which will be a donation). If this is something you are interested in, please contact me. I will review your files and work with you to create a 3 Day Walk collection that works for you. The donations will be made in YOUR name (unless you prefer to place them in Lil Sweet Pea’s name), so you get the added bonus of a tax deduction.

Individual donations can also be made via The 3 Day site. Please help me help my mom and all the other moms and women out there that have faced or are facing breast cancer.

Here’s a picture of my mom and my daughter. I simply can not imagine how my life would be without her! I hope my daughter has a lifetime of memories with her grandma ahead of her!


Last day to enter!

June 6, 2008

Today is your last day to enter your name into my contest.  All you have to do is subscribe to the blog :)

I need more models….

June 4, 2008

On June 16th I’m hosting a workshop in Detroit, I Shot Someone in Detroit. I originally put the call out (via my newsletter) that I needed models under 2. Well now it seems I need models of ALL ages! We don’t have the timeline scheduled yet, but we’re going to need several models, boys and girls, in all age ranges.

I’m looking for little ones who have a good temperament, are comfortable around strangers and have a vast wardrobe 😉 If you think your child fits the bill, please email me!

In exchange for giving of your child and time, I will gift you w/ a CD of images shot from the workshop :)