I am on a blogging roll.  Okay, I’ll admit it.  I JUST finished Mr. W’s session and mailed it off to mom and dad.  But I had to jump right into B’s session.  For the workshop we rented some pretty sweet lenses.  And I was able to use those lenses on B’s session.  So I had to jump in and edit some pictures ASAP!

And let me just say……..I am in love.  And love is expensive, but soooo worth it.  From these images of B you’ll NEVER guess I had crazy dancing grandma behind me 1/2 the session and poor mom jumping around like a fool for the rest.  You’d never guess that Mr. B made mom and grandma work HARD.

For those techno-photog types, this session I got to use the Canon 85mmL 1.2 lens.  It is truly sweet perfection!!!  Okay enough blabbering.   Onto the photos 😉



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