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Twins B & E…..

November 29, 2008

A few weeks ago I got a chance to go play (again in the cold) with twins B&E.  We had fun in and around the shops in downtown Birmingham.  The session was cooooooold, but these two little guys were great!  By the end of the session super large snowflakes were falling and they were having a blast running around in them.  I must admit, I was too, LOL!




Blogapalozza Again!

November 29, 2008

Yes, I managed to once again get behind on this blog.  It’s amazing how easy it is to do.  So I’ve got to go back and give some blog love first to those I missed, then to those I’ve recently had sessions with, then some more NKOTB love, LOL!

I got to shoot these adorable sisters at Mill Race back in October.  It was one of those mornings where it was about 30 degrees when we got started.  These girls were really troopers and managed to take off their coats and bare the cold weather for a fews shots!




My Dream Come True Night.

November 5, 2008

Detroit Show , originally uploaded by LilSweetPeaPhoto.

So I promised to update you all on what turned out to be the best night of my life ever. Yes, I said best night ever….even tops my wedding, LOL!

So in attempt to not bore all my clients, a cliff-noted version. My sister and I got to the Palace about an hour before our scheduled arrival time. We wanted to get into one of the earlier groups and we managed to do that. We were group E of A-S, so not too bad. We met some cool girls from Toronto in line. This was their 4th meet and greet!

We went back into the Palace Club I believe where the suite owners can hang out. They had a small area blocked off w/ curtains where the private meet and greets would be. So we grabbed a table and sat around for about an hour chatting with all the other girls in the room. Then Robo (head NKOTB security) came in and gave us the rules; no cameras, no autographes, etc. Then it was time for the boys to walk in. Sarah and I moved right up by where they were to walk in and started talking to a lovely Palace employee. When they walked in, they were RIGHT IN FRONT OF US! We about died! It was surreal. Jordan looked my sister over a few times too, it was funny.

The M&G’s were QUICK! So before we knew it, it was time to line up. My sister was a ball of nerves as it was her job to work the boys for backstage passes, LOL! We walked into the curtain area, Sarah took off for Danny (hey we figured she had her best shot w/ him, LOL), I went off looking for Joe. He was in a conversation with someone from the meet and greet company. I turned around to find Jordan with open arms waiting to hug me :) I hugged him and said thanks. Then I turned around to find Joe available and ran over for my hug. It was great and his sweater was soooo soft, LOL! And after that it was time to line up for our photo. I think I was stuck between Jordan and Donnie. Really it’s a blur. After that they tried to tell us to leave. Well I ran back over to Joe and took both his hands into mine and said “I’m sorry, I need to see your eyes up close”. He asked me “How are they?” and I said “Beautiful”, LOL! We shared a moment, LOL! Then I ran over to Jon to ask a question and get a hug. Then off to join Donnie in a hug w/ one of the Toronto girls. I didn’t get a chance w/ Danny. On our way out I did ask Jordan if my sister could drive back to NYC with them on their bus, LOL!

After that (which probably was like 2 minutes) we all squealed like 13 year old girls. Then I put my sister to work on anyone and everyone. She didn’t get anywhere with Robo. So I sent her off on Zach, the tour manager. And somehow she did work her magic on him. But when he asked where we were sitting she didn’t realize he meant where on the floor, LOL! So we didn’t get our backstage passes in the end. But they did say they were heading to NYC right after the show.

Now after the M&G we headed to our seats. We knew we were 2nd row on the Joe side 😉 But when we got to our seats we discovered that we were basically FRONT ROW thanks to the extended stage design! So we spent the night being serenaded by our 5 boyfriends! Really there is NOTHING like being that close at a concert!

My sister and I have made a pact to do this again for the summer tour. She’s promised 2 shows, and I’m upping the number every week. I think at last count I wanted to do 6 shows, LOL! My sister and I also call or text each other DAILY since the show with something NKOTB related. It’s quite sick how obsessed we are again. So enough chatter. Some images of my boyfriends from the night 😉

Donnie Working the Crowd


Detroit Concert

 At the end of Hangin Tough when they were hopping around!

Detroit Concert


From the Click Click Click song (about photography, LOL)

Detroit Concert


 Joe singing 😉

Detroit Concert

Prior to getting lost in a cold and New Kids on the Block land, I got to do my second session with N and his sister S.  It was one of those Saturday mornings where it was sunny, but COOOOOOOLD!  Luckily S was quite the trooper.  And N is in that adorable stage of nothing but smiles!    Here’s a few from their session :)  Oh and for those Blockheads, my blog post on the concert is soon to come…..Clients first 😉