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Yes, I’ve now known for nearly a month what Baby Porter version 2.0. It’s amazing how fast time can get away from you. Those of my clients on facebook were able to get the announcement already (which reminds me, I need to add that info here). Baby Porter 2.0 was not shy in showing us what HE has. Yes, that’s right, we’re expecting a boy.

Those of you that know my Matilda Jane obsession can understand my intial disappointment that I only get one little princess.  But the shock is wearing off and I’m accepting that instead of another princess, I’ve got the next great U of M hockey player from Northville.  (For those rusty on their UM Hockey players, Kevin Porter of Northville, no relation, won the Hobey Baker last year – Hockey’s version of the Heisman).  But enough of that tangent.

I’m happy to report my client forms are now online.  You will be able to fill out all that session paperwork online now.  It’s my attempt to go green :)

For those clients on facebook, I invited you to friend me, Amy Porter.  You can also join the Lil Sweet Pea Photography Group, or “fan” my business page.  Just another way to spread the word 😉  I’ll possibly start posting sneak peeks on facebook as well that you will be able to tag 😉

One last announcement that will get it’s own post as well.  I will (I mean of course I will, LOL) be hosting a Spring Matilda Jane trunk show with the LOVELY Rachel on March 6th, a Friday.  So start saving those pennies.  More information to follow, but drop me an email if you are interested!

New Year, Shiny New Blog

January 1, 2009

There’s something about us photographers.  We get managed to get bored VERY quickly!  So while it feels like I just started my new blog not all that long ago, here I am changing it.  Watch the top!  I’ve got a bunch of different images rotating through, pretty cool 😉  Another super cool perk of this blog, I’ll be able to post SUPER HUGE SNEAK PEEK IMAGES :)

Stay tuned for even more announcements to come!