Yes, I’m a nut job that gets excited over the little things.  You know like the annoucement that Jimmy Buffett is touring MI again this summer, that my 5 boyfriends (New Kids on the Block) will also be touring, and that Denise has announced the launch of her spring line; Hotline.  It’s the little things that get me going.

If you’re addicted to Matilda Jane, like I am, you too are probably stalking Denise’s blog to get a look at the sneak peeks.  You might also have been tempted, like I was, to go to the UM/LSSU hockey game just to get some inside dirt, LOL!  For the record, I didn’t go, but I wanted too, and Madeline wanted to see “her friend Denise that makes her clothes”, but schedules didn’t work out (Michigan won both games for those wondering).

For those addicted like myself, I will be hosting a trunk show w/ the wonderful Rachel on March 6th at my Northville home.  Clients are welcome, blog readers are welcome, friends of clients and blog readers are welcome, grandmas of MJ addicts are definetely welcomed 😉

If you’d like to order but can’t make it, that is also welcomed!  Just drop me an email for more details 😉  Email Me

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  1. denise says:

    You are hilarious….the game sucked Friday but was awesome Saturday, You should’ve came..you could’ve seen the Beast in full force and we could’ve battled for great hockey pics!!! Tell Madi Hi!!

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