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For those wondering where I’ve been, where their orders are, etc, I’m taking 2 seconds to check in. Mid-February I managed to get one horrible cold which as you know when you are pregnant, you can’t take much and pretty much get to be miserable.

Late February, my mom, Madeline and I jetted off to Disney again, where I managed to lose my horrible cold (FINALLY). Upon returning to Michigan, Madeline managed to again contract a lovely cold which she still hasn’t shaken. It’s by far the most miserable I’ve ever seen her. And of course you know my luck, I’ve since caught her cold.

As if that wasn’t all enough, I found out Friday that I failed my Glucose screening and now have to do the 3 hour test.

And if THAT wasn’t enough, I just lost my external hard drive w/ all of my personal images as well as client images! I’m hopeful that this drive will be recovered. So those waiting on orders, I will be in touch!

I hate to make my first post in over a month be a whiny one. I promise my next one will be better!

So I’m not off on an exotic island….just wanting to crawl into bed and wake from a bad dream!