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Back at the end of February I managed to convince my mom to yet again join Madeline and I on a trip to Disney (the joys of being a tax season widow).  We made the trip last year, very last minute (we booked 2 weeks before we left), and loved it, so we thought to do it again.  The difference this year, I’m of course pregnant, LOL!  Oh and instead of 3 days, we did 8!  Since we planned this more in advance, I was able to book a ton (6) of character meals for Madeline, which she LOVED.  In fact she became quite the snob when it came to waiting in line to meet a character outside of a meal, LOL!

I do have to share a cute little story.  While waiting in line for Alice (one of the VERY few characters Madeline would wait for), Mads asked me if I thought Alice would ride the teacups with her.  I told her Alice is a very busy person, but she could ask.  So we get up to Alice and Madeline asks her.  And much to our shock, Alice says YES!   So we wait for Alice to come back from break (about 15 minutes) and Alice walks up, takes Madeline’s hand and walks her right onto the teacup ride (which had over an hour wait, LOL!).  Alice asks her which color teacup they want and Madeline gets to chose before all the other people are allowed on.  Now of course people in line can’t believe Alice is on the teacups.  I heard so many mommies commenting on how lucky “that little girl was”, LOL!

I have to say Disney knows how to make Magic.  Last year she got the private meet and greet w/ Cinderella, and this year it was Alice and the teacups.

Oh and Denise, Alice loved Madeline’s Matilda Jane dress.  In fact Madeline’s MJ was complimented all week (as you can see, she was in it nearly everyday, LOL!

*Disclaimer….since I was about 28 weeks preggo in Disney, all I was willing to haul around the park was my little point and shoot.  It was quite liberating and at the same time I had to laugh while nearly every other stinking person in Disney was hauling an SLR, LOL!


Follow me….

April 10, 2009

Okay, I’ve got the facebook thing going on, but now, I’ve decided to give twitter a go too!

Feel free to follow me……

When M called me and asked to book a newborn session in late Feburary/early March, I was hesitant.  Not that I didn’t want to shoot a newborn, I love them!  But I worried what state I would be in, too huge, bedrest, miserable?  M seemed pretty laid back about the whole situation, and I knew it was a good match.  Well come to find out, M is a teacher, and her husband is a CPA, LOL!  So we must have the same coping mechanisms.

This little guy held out on mommy and daddy for awhile.  But I’m sure mom and dad would agree he was worth the wait.  I have to say, I do love photographing “big” babies.  Probably because my own come out the size a the average 3month old.

I want to say to dad….I know I gave you a hard time about your NCAA brackets….looks like you weren’t too far off.  But I’m hoping for a UNC win tonight 😉  Go Blue, LOL!



The Other C Clan

April 4, 2009

I started to photograph this C Clan when Mr. C was a mere 9 months old.  Now C is a big brother and it was W’s turn to be the 9 month old (okay really 8 but close enough, right?).    And to save face, I did post these images on Facebook.  Again please consider “faning” my biz on facebook 😉  Perks are you get to share your sneak peeks because I tag them!  Facebook Fan Page.

This session was great fun.  Dad was behind me either dancing or pushing a shopping cart to get C and W to laugh.  I only wish I knew how to work the video capture in my new camera, as that would have made for some priceless blogging 😉

First we have A.  I made him wear these glasses and look tough….I love that they are crooked and you can see my legs in the reflection.


At first I thought C was making faces at me.  Then I was told, this is C’s current smile.   Got to love that blur of blue behind.  That would be A….yes, often times the blur in the background is another sibling, LOL!


And finally the guest of honor….the star of the session, Mr. W.   How can you not love those eyes!


When J called me and asked me to do a session before they moved to Colorado, I thought why not.  Then she told me she had 2 year old twins and a 9 month old….no problem.  Then she added in that she wanted to have grandmas there too….the more the merrier.  And finally she added in sisters (aunts) and cousins.  And I thought to myself, poor J, LOL!  Sure shooting a group is more of a challenge for me as a photographer, but often it’s the coordinator that goes crazy.  J did a great job!  I had lots of fun both inside and outside w/ this group!



What can I say…I got a bit off w/ this whole blogging sneak peeks this holiday and this year.  So even though these are no longer sneak peeks….I owe it to these little cuties.  So here we go!

You’ve seen B before, infact he’s the little naked guy in my header.  Gotta say, I love B’s sessions, probably because mom and dad are HUGE Michigan fans.  How can you not like that?  I did B’s session WAY BACK after the UM/OSU game (no need to bring up the game, LOL).  It was cold, but B was loving it outside!


We are good to go!

April 4, 2009

I sent my broken little hard drive off to California for some sun, surf and recovery! Last week my hard drive arrived back on my doorstep full recovered! I was able to verify that most if not all items were fully recovered :) So clients, please bear with me as I get these orders placed that were lost.

Also look for a slew of overdue sneak peeks on the blog!

Oh and for those counting down, I’m at 32 weeks now! Only (hopefully) 7 more weeks to go!