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So the countdown is on. In 6 days, brother boy, as he has been named by Mads, will be here. So what does one do while waiting? Well of course a photo session with their most favorite subject 😉

Mads and I waddled out today (well I waddled, she ran) to do a belated 4 year old session. Since I wasn’t up to traveling very far, the old stand by of Mill Race was used. And of course I had to dress her in some Matilda Jane 😉  Who by the way is having an online art fair this weekend!

For those clients waiting and wanting to book summer sessions,  I am unavailable ALL of June!  June will be my official maternity leave, but it’ll also be jammed packed w/ other events (NKOTB BABY!).  Starting in late June, I will begin contacting those baby plan clients that are waiting on sessions.  After that, the calendar will slowly open to the general public.  I will say, I plan on hosting a studio blowout event with EXTREME discount sessions (talking $50 people) to celebrate my studio’s opening (yes, it’s been open, but I haven’t been shooting).   So look for information on that to follow!

Now without anymore waiting….My Princess 😉




SA was one of my baby planner clients who decided to grow up and get big on me! I have to laugh because the last time I did a session with SA and her parents, it was one of those odd October weekends, where it was 90 degrees. I remember then we had the fall leaves, the sweater on, mom and dad dripping buckets.

Well SA and her parents moved away, but were back in April to visit some friends. Her mom really wanted photos, so we agreed to a very mini session (since I was and I am the size of a house). The funny part is, this time it was one of those April weekends where we were in the 80’s. Seems SA is doomed to faking the weather for her sessions 😉

It was great to see you SA. I hope we can do it again 😉