So the countdown is on. In 6 days, brother boy, as he has been named by Mads, will be here. So what does one do while waiting? Well of course a photo session with their most favorite subject 😉

Mads and I waddled out today (well I waddled, she ran) to do a belated 4 year old session. Since I wasn’t up to traveling very far, the old stand by of Mill Race was used. And of course I had to dress her in some Matilda Jane 😉  Who by the way is having an online art fair this weekend!

For those clients waiting and wanting to book summer sessions,  I am unavailable ALL of June!  June will be my official maternity leave, but it’ll also be jammed packed w/ other events (NKOTB BABY!).  Starting in late June, I will begin contacting those baby plan clients that are waiting on sessions.  After that, the calendar will slowly open to the general public.  I will say, I plan on hosting a studio blowout event with EXTREME discount sessions (talking $50 people) to celebrate my studio’s opening (yes, it’s been open, but I haven’t been shooting).   So look for information on that to follow!

Now without anymore waiting….My Princess 😉




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  1. Sweet photos Amy, and my goodness she’s gotten so grown up since the last time I saw her!

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