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You’d probably think seeing as I take photos as one of my many jobs, I’d have a million photos of Brady right now.  Truth?  I don’t.  I don’t know if it’s the second child snydrome.  Those that have been to my house can testify to the fact it is a shrine to Madeline.  I don’t know if it’s the fact that he’s mine, and when he’s sleeping I don’t want to wake him, I take a shower, or eat, LOL!  Maybe it’s stems from the fact that we’ve been battling reflux so there really hasn’t been any happy awake time, and I don’t want to photograph him while he’s sleeping (see above comment, LOL).

I tell myself that likely I DO have more photographs then the average parent, I just don’t have as many of Brady as I do of Maddie.  So Friday, the lighting was nice in our bedroom, Brady was pretty happy after eating, and I decided to go for it.  I wanted to try out my LaFolie hats on him.  He wasn’t too sure about that.  But I’m pretty happy with what I managed to get.  Honestly, I’m happy I got some photos that show off his still blue eyes (with flecks of brown in them).


P was the last of my mini sessions in the studio.  So by the time this poor little guy showed up, it was probably 200 degrees outside.  P had a smile that was infectious.  He LOVES the iPhone much like my own Madeline.  It was reassuring to see I’m not the only parent out there with an addicted preschooler, LOL!  One thing P really loved was looking at his image after I took it.  I’d run over and show him and he’d say “That’s P”.  It was very cute.  I wanna thank P’s entourage.  You kept the smiles flowing and helped me get some great images!  P, I hope I get to see you again.  Maybe you can teach me how to bowl on my iPhone 😉


If you’ve seen my site or blog at all, you know Miss V.  And if you know Miss V, you know her flair for knee socks!  I have to be honest, this is the session I look forward to every fall.  I want to see what kind of cute and crazy socks mom picks out for Miss V.  I have to say she did not disappoint me yet again!

I had a blast at this session, and I’ve got to thank dad for helping me explore the building my studio is in!  You helped me find some great places to shoot!



So it seems I managed to pick the hottest day of the year to hold the mini sessions in my “new” studio.  All of the parents and kids were great sports as not only was it 90+ degrees, the elevator was broken so we had to walk up the 4 flights to the studio.  We managed to raise $40 for the “Let’s Get This” foundation, which will donate 20 books to needy children.  Don’t worry if you miss this round of minis.  I think I’ll be doing a round this fall as well 😉

Now onto B.  He is the naked baby in my blog header.  He’s all over my blog and website as well.  It was nice to see him again, now almost 2 years old, where has the time gone!  And it was nice to see his mom as well.  I have to say, this was my first round of sessions in my studio.  I absolutely LOVE it!  I think the kids do too.  Every single one manged to spend 1/2 the session doing laps running around it, LOL!


A few weeks ago I got the pleasure of meeting Miss C.  She had the most pretty blue eyes and such an adorable smile.  She was also the age I love, 7.5 months.  They can sit, they pretty much smile the entire time and they don’t move, LOL!  I’m sure the next time I see Miss C she’ll give me a run for my money!  Maybe her neighbor cat friend she loves can be my assistant!




I told mom and dad this weekend, little N’s baby photo is probably the most viewed image on my blog.  I do have to say, I love it too….

lilnN’s now a big 1 year old….on the move all over the place.  I had fun shooting him and his big sister S.  S is a great big sister and helped out N often throughout the session.  I have to say I love baby planners.  I feel so privledge that I get to not only watch these little ones go from scrunched up newborns to independent walkers, but I get the honor of documenting these precious times.  Thanks S Family…..Hopefully I’ll see you again when N is even more on the move 😉