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Let’s all start sining “It’s a small world after all….”  Now why do I have that song now going through your heads?  Well it IS a small world.  Seems A (the twin’s mommy) found my site online looking for a photographer for her new twins.  She was shocked to see it was ME, LOL!  A lived two doors down from me my sophomore year at Michigan.  A and her (then boyfriend B) even came to my wedding.  But as we all know, prior to facebook it was harder to stay in touch.  I moved off to Vegas, and A and B got married.

I was so excited when she decided to book me to shoot her new twins M and T.  It was great to catch with both A and B and while photographing their adorable boy/girl twins.  I had a BLAST at the session, and B I’m kind of dissappointed we didn’t pursue your whole urban infant concept w/ gold chains 😉

Okay enough typing, let’s get to the photos.  Twins means more photos for me to share!  I had to share the image of T trying to eat M.  Poor girl!


When I found out Brady was a boy, I figured he’d just have to date an older woman, R.  Mads boyfriend is D.  D’s little sister is R.  Kelly and I had it all planned, they’d double date.  But Kelly decided not only get get pregnant again, but also have another little girl.  Wooo!  Brady had a girlfriend-to-be who would be younger then him.  Sorry R, you’re gonna have to date outside the Porter pool, LOL!

Much like older sister R (who if you remember, waited until I got my camera back from repairs to be born), N decided to take her time getting here.  Something about those O girls, they want to cook a bit longer.  Something special about N’s entrance into this world….she was born at home!  My goodfriend Kelly went from a c-section, to a VBAC to a HOME BIRTH!  WOW! (I should add, N came in weighing 9lbs 8oz too!).    And here I was signing on the dotted line for a repeat c-section the minute the stick turned blue!

Enough of the novel.  N, welcome to the world.  I really hope Brady and you get the chance to grow up together like Mads and your big brother D.


I know P and M’s mom through one of those online mommy boards.  You know those places you go as a new mom for all kinds of advice and then get sucked into the drama of it all, LOL!  I remember reading when P came to live w/ V (mom) and when M was born.  So it was great to finally meet V this summer when she volunteered P and M to be models for my workshop.  And I was flatter when V decided to take advantage of my mini sessions this holiday season.  I have to share a few outtakes of M&P for you to understand my title.  M loves her brother P.  I think I caught her licking him a few times, and hugging him a few times.  But nothing says true sibling love to me like a choke hold, LOL!

M and P I had a blast w/ our session.  V and C, I hope you like these!


You might recognize L and A.  Their session from last fall is rotating in my blog header.  This year they were a year older and much spunkier.  It’s fun to get a glimpse into what’s to come now that I have a boy of my own.  L and A were great troopers and I think we got some great images.  But I just have to share atleast one outtake from the session.  With two 3 year olds, there’s always someone there to egg you on.