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Yes, anyone who knows Matilda Jane knows it’s late in the MJ Spring Season.  BUT Matilda Jane just released an offer I could not walk away from!  And I’m so excited to invite all my clients to attend as well.  Matilda Jane is looking for a new Matilda Jane girl to model for the fall line, Ekkkkk!  How exciting is that?

The small print…..your daughter must attend the trunk show, and must be photographed at the show in Matilda Jane either her own, or an outfit tried on at the show!  You could have the next Matilda Jane Girl!!!!

The Details

Date: May 15th

Time: 5:30pm

Place: My House – email me for directions

The TO DIE FOR goodies – Matilda Jane Hammond Bay

Remember, your girls are invited!  So come, have fun and play with the pretty clothes!

How fast a year goes! A year ago I photographed J’s newborn photos. He was fresh, and well, I was the size of a house still pregnant with Brady. A year later I get to photograph J again, and he has turned into such the sweet little boy. Now as a mom of a son (and a daughter) I of course think my little guy is the cutest, but J gives Brady a run for his money! I absolutely love the outfit mom chose (shhhh, I’m thinking of stealing the idea for Brady’s photos), and I love the location of the house she chose. Of course J’s session was the one day that it was not only cold, but also gloomy and raining. Isn’t that how it always works?

So Happy 1st Birthday J! I hope to see you again in the fall, when you’ll be bigger and I’m sure even cuter!

Gosh, they say going from 1 to 2 kids is hard. Its not so much that it’s hard, it’s more that you lose any “me” time you once had!!! I’m still trying to figure out the balance between it all. So here I am taking full advantage of naptime 😉

I photographed C back in January as part of my Valentine’s minis. I couldn’t share these photos back then, well because C’s mommy was very sneaky and did this session as a surprise for daddy and the family. I’m impressed E was able to pull it off.

So it may be late, but here’s some belated Valentine’s Day cuteness!