Hey girls…..

If you haven’t been stalking Denise’s site like I have, you may not have known that the first release of Field Trip is online.  There will actually be two releases this fall.  And I fell in love with BOTH of them.  That said, I decided to book a secondary trunk show for th 2nd release, and switch my 1st release trunk show to a virtual.

Is your head spinning?  What these means is my in home show for August 13th is now cancelled.  In it’s place I will now be hosting a “virtual” opening day show!  Which means no worries about sell outs!  All you have to do is send our wonderful trunk keeper Alison an email or drop her a call between now and Friday (August 6th) at 11am, and you’re set!  So email me or comment below if you need her information!

My 2nd release show will be held at my house on September 3rd from 4-7pm.  Email me or comment below for more info 😉   And just as a teaser, some more MJ eye candy!

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