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During my fall minis this year I got to meet E.  E is the tiniest, cutest little girl I’ve ever met.  I love that when I met her, she was clinging to mommy and daddy.  And for awhile there I think mom and dad didn’t think we’d get any photos past this……

E would not smile, or let go of dad’s hand.  But after pulling out some of my silliness I managed to get this…….

Getting closer with a smile :)  After some teddy grahams and some juice we really started to warm up!

Notice, no parent hand or body parts in the photo.  We were on a roll!   By the time our session was ending, E was smiling, laughing, jumping, running, giving me high-fives and posing.  I had a blast at our session!  It was great to meet you E :)

B and his family feel like family friends to me.  I’ve been shooting B since he was a newborn.  He’s the lil’ guy on my blog and website curled up naked with the Michigan football.  I love our yearly sessions because they are always in the fall which means we can spend the whole time talking Michigan football.  At least this year was a bit more pleasant then the last few years.

As if I didn’t get enough fill of B and his family, Maddie started dance lessons with B’s mom this fall.  Yup, I get to see “Ms. Melissa” every Monday night.  In fact, Maddie was upset when I wouldn’t let her come with to “Ms. Melissa’s photo session”.

This session is always a favorite.  And I always look forward to it every year!  Till next fall…..errrr, I mean Monday.


Now for this last photo, I was cracking up laughing as were B’s parents when he sprung this pose on us.  I feel like I need to put his name and graduation year in the corner for him to pass these out at school!