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This session was on a lovely Sunday morning.  I met Ms. O and her parents in downtown Plymouth.  First I could not get over how this tiny little person was walking.  I swear my babies came out of me the size she was.  She was beyond cute.  We started off the session happy, but really making us work for it.  That was until we moved infront of the Jimmy John’s.  Ms. O could not get enough of it!  She was happy, smiling, posing, flirting with the workers, etc.  It was down right funny!  I really think Jimmy John’s needs her for their commercials.  I mean who wouldn’t buy a sandwich from this cutie?


Meet L.  L’s mommy won the gift basket give away at Tiny Town’s opening.  How lucky is she?  L and I got to have our play date at the Botanical Gardens at U of M.  We had fun looking at tadpoles, crossing bridges, climbing rocks and trees, playing with caterpillars and snails, looking for waterfalls, finding the labyrinth, and being super heros.  Some where in all of that fun, we managed to sneak in some photos too 😉

Thanks L.  I hope we get to play again sometime soon!

This winter I was contacted by a very excited mom.  She was looking for a photographer to pair with for her new children’s play area opening in Northville.  I was very excited to hear there was going to be a new play area in Northville opening :)

Before the grand opening, I got the chance to photograph her wonderful little ones.  It was a blast!  And I think we captured some great photos of them.  You may even see one hanging up in Tiny Town.  I suggest following both Tiny Town, and Lil Sweet Pea Photography on Facebook, to keep up with both of our latest offerings.

And now some photos of the adorable lil’ ones (and a few of tiny town too)