I launched my new blog, my new site, and my new pricing.  It was a long process (2 years on the website), and lots of thought went into what I want my business to be, and what I want to offer my clients old and new, so let me start by explaining the new session offers.

In the past, I’ve had sessions, and mini sessions.  I’ve wanted to take the leap into a more custom and catered session experience, but I also wanted to keep a bit of my current offerings.  What was born was my two new session offers; the signature session, and the simple session.

The signature session takes the Lil Sweet Pea Photography experience to a new level.  First off you have your choice of location, be it your home, favorite park, or favorite city location.  Signature sessions offer pre-session consultations.  I can help you pick a location, clothes, etc.  Signature sessions offer full length sessions, clothing changes, and multiple people options (mom, dad, siblings, etc).  At the conclusion of the signature session, an in person ordering session wll be scheduled.  I will meet you to help you through the ordering process.  I can assist with wall collections, gift options, etc.  You will be shown approximately 30 images.  At the conclusion of your ordering session, the images you have ordered will be placed online for family members and friends to view.  The signature session will offer the ultimate photography experience.

The simple session offers the best of Lil Sweet Pea Photography in a minimal format.  Simple sessions are 30 minutes in either downtown Plymouth or Northville (Ann Arbor will offered various times throughout the year).  Simple sessions work well for older children, quick updates, and children who don’t suffer from stranger anxiety.  1-2 children are allowed, no family images, and no clothing changes are allowed.  At the conclusion of the session, your images approximately 15 images, will be placed into an online gallery for you to order from.  Simple sessions will offer different collections both digital and print.

So there it is…..the change I’ve wanted to offer (Signature session), while still offering the “mini” session option  (Simple session) but now at anytime for any client :)

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