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I got to meet F and his family this fall.  He was so excited that he was turning 4 and just had his party the day before.  I have to say, I am a sucker for blue eyes (sorry to my brown eye husband and brown eye son).  So immediately F melted me with his amazing blue eyes and big smiles.  His excitement and happiness was infectious.  We did F’s session on Michigan’s campus and quickly discovered it was sorority bid day.  F managed to stop probably 50+ college girls who could not get over how cute he was and how cute the whole family was.  I totally agree!  By the end of F’s session, he was holding my hand and asking me to move in his house.  I love the connect formed with my clients :)  F and family, I had a blast!  I hope we get to do it again soon!  And mom and dad, you’ve got a ladies man on your hands!


Fall brings with it temperature changes, pretty colors, and some of my favorite clients yearly sessions.  Now Mr. B here, well I’ve been his personal paparazzi since he was born.  And mom, she’s Maddie’s dance teacher so I see her now every week (shameless plug for her wonder studio, The Dance Connection).  Dad, well he’s a Michigan fan, though I’ll admit those three years we’d all like to forget (aka the Rich Rod era) has mellowed the man.  And there’s one more….you can’t see her, but she’ll be here in January, and likely subjected to the same paparazzi experience as her older brother 😉  I love that our sessions are so laid back, filled with chatter, and laughs and they are up to almost anything (dad wasn’t too fond of some of the couple nude maternity images I joked about doing with him).  Okay enough chatter, on with the pretty pictures :)

Have you always wanted to buy the disc, but just didn’t at your session?  Would you like to know all those precious photos from your past session can be yours forever?  Did you wish you could add photos from your session to your family scrapbooks, or facebook?  Looking for a great (and easy) present for grandparents this season?

I am offering for a very limited time, the opportunity to buy the files from your 2006-2010 sessions before I delete them fully from all my storage areas and backup.  The more sessions you’ve had and buy, the cheaper the discs become!  A reproduction release will be included as well as lab recommendations for printing.

I can’t promise all sessions are still archived, but I’m happy to check if you are interested!  Contact me before October 31st when the offer goes away (along with your files….save the poor files).  Because of the nature of “rehosting” a session, only full session discs are available.  Email me ASAP!