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N’s mom asked me at the Lungevity fundraiser if I did First Communion sessions.  Not one to turn down a new experience I said of course.  Normally, as you know, my sessions are done on location in a fun, playful manner.  First Communion photos brought about the challenge of shooting someone who looks like a mini bride (I don’t do weddings, more from the bridezilla and time aspect), and in a much more formal setting.

N was the absolute most perfect client for stepping outside my norm.  First of all, she was 7 (now 8), and a very silly girl.  She was willing to do and pose however I asked her like a pro!  She managed to give me some lovely test shots loaded with goofiness and sass.  But when it was time to get down to shooting the pictures, she could turn it on!  Such a beautiful girl!

T family, I can’t wait to do a session with all the girls this fall!

NT-37 NT-7 NT-21 NT-27 NT-32

I’ll admit it!  I suck!  I’ve been doing a horrible job keeping up with my blog, my twitter, my business facebook page, times that by two (since there’s Seniorology as well), add in tax season, a lovely daughter in dance (tap, jazz and ballet) , as well as travel soccer, Go Northville Rush U8 Nike Girls, and a son taking skating soon to be hockey lessons, oh yeah and teaching the lovely middle schoolers everyday……<exhale> something gets neglected.  Though I’m sure what I just typed most moms are nodding along with, right there with me.

With that said, meet Miss C.  I’ve shot her lovely brother B since he was a newborn himself.  So when mom (who happens to be Maddie’s dance teacher) spilled the beans she was preggo, and later it was a girl, I was so thrilled for her and to do this session.  Now I have to add, I’ve had a glimpse into “dance moms” via the show “Dance Moms”.  And Maddie is BEGGING me to be on Ms. Melissa’s team (shameless plug….The Dance Connection).  But I had no idea how excited dance moms get for a new baby, especially a girl, who happens to be the daughter of the studio owner.  Miss C at 1 week old already had probably 100 different hair bows and diaper covers.  And while it’s so not my style to embrace the gigantic flower head bands, I did make an exception for Miss C because the outfit was in the dance studio’s colors.

I can’t WAIT to watch Miss C grow up along with her big brother B.

CM-27 CM-14 CM-20 CM-23