I’ll admit it!  I suck!  I’ve been doing a horrible job keeping up with my blog, my twitter, my business facebook page, times that by two (since there’s Seniorology as well), add in tax season, a lovely daughter in dance (tap, jazz and ballet) , as well as travel soccer, Go Northville Rush U8 Nike Girls, and a son taking skating soon to be hockey lessons, oh yeah and teaching the lovely middle schoolers everyday……<exhale> something gets neglected.  Though I’m sure what I just typed most moms are nodding along with, right there with me.

With that said, meet Miss C.  I’ve shot her lovely brother B since he was a newborn himself.  So when mom (who happens to be Maddie’s dance teacher) spilled the beans she was preggo, and later it was a girl, I was so thrilled for her and to do this session.  Now I have to add, I’ve had a glimpse into “dance moms” via the show “Dance Moms”.  And Maddie is BEGGING me to be on Ms. Melissa’s team (shameless plug….The Dance Connection).  But I had no idea how excited dance moms get for a new baby, especially a girl, who happens to be the daughter of the studio owner.  Miss C at 1 week old already had probably 100 different hair bows and diaper covers.  And while it’s so not my style to embrace the gigantic flower head bands, I did make an exception for Miss C because the outfit was in the dance studio’s colors.

I can’t WAIT to watch Miss C grow up along with her big brother B.

CM-27 CM-14 CM-20 CM-23

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