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A few weeks back I had not one, but two twin sessions, in the same week, both girls!  What are the chances of that?  Thinking about it now, why didn’t I play PowerBall?  If you’ve been a newborn client you know, sometimes they can be fast, and sometimes they can be, well… long that whomever is watching my own children during the session think that I’ve been kidnapped by the family.  So taking on newborn twins is always a gamble.  I’m happy to report Miss R and Miss E were perfect little newborns.  They both slept for group shots, and cooperated for their solo pictures as well.  Though as you can see, I had one that wanted sleeping shots, and one that wanted to be WIDE awake and show her pretty eyes!

I can’t wait to come back and photograph the girls and watch their friendship grow :)

Simptwins-7 Simptwins-9 Simptwins-19 Simptwins-25

I don’t get twins very often, but I do get them from time to time.  Imagine my surprise when two weeks ago I had not one, but two sessions of twins; both girls, and both mom’s named Stephanie!  What are the chances?

I started off twin week with these two sweet little girls.  It’s amazing as a mom how quickly you forget about how much work a toddler session can be.  Well take that a multiply it by two :)  I think these sweet little angels had mom, grandma and I earning our keep during the session.  But the result was some amazing images!