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When I got the text with the picture of 2 pink lines, my response was “when are you due?  I’m coming out”.  It’s funny to think for 4 pregnancies, I was the first to know Kelly was pregnant and the first to know the gender even some go rounds.  I met Kelly back in 2004 in an “online baby group”.  We quickly discovered we lived near each other and once we both popped out our firstborns (exactly 2 weeks apart) we had to meet.  Jump forward 8.5 years later and I get the pleasure of photographing her 4th and final child.  I mean, you can’t have baby #4 miss out just because she had the nerve to move to Texas right after baby #3 (Brady’s future wife) was born.

Now Baby #2 (R) was such a diva, she actually went overdue waiting for my camera to return back from repairs before going into labor.  I kid you not, I got the notice my camera had shipped, that night Kelly went into labor!  Baby #3 (N) cooperated as well.  Baby #4 (E) did NOT get the message.  When we picked the date for me to come out and do E’s session we didn’t think he’d be 6 weeks old!  Oh E, you’ve got a lot to learn mister.  Nonetheless, I managed to get some great photos of E and the entire family.  Yes, even dad joined us!  For the first time in 6 years!   Oh and did I mention we did all of this in 100+ degree Texas heat!  I can’t believe how well this Michigan girl did!

I could fill this blog post with 100 pictures from the time I spent there.  It was great to see my bestest mommy friend, get just enough dose of having a newborn to tide me over, and visit with my future son-in-law and daughter- in-law.  (Yes, we have prearranged marriages for both Maddie and Brady to her kids).  Thank you O Family!  Miss you bunches!  And I promise, next time Maddie and Brady will visit too :)



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