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I can’t fully commit to the idea that fall is upon us until I have my session with Miss V.   I believe we celebrated 7 years of photo sessions this fall.  This year we decided to try a new location for both the Z family and myself, The RiverWalk area in Detroit.  If you have not been down there (and I’m sad to say before this, I had only been to the fountains at the Ren Cen), it is a great place for a photo session!  I had a blast photographing Miss V this year, even if she did make me work for it.  One of the best parts of my job is watching the kids I photograph group up, almost along side my own.  Thanks again Z Family and Miss V.  I had fun!

VZ-4 VZ-5 VZ-6 VZ-19 VZ-28

Seems like the M family is all over my blog and facebook pages these days.  Hey, what can I say, they love photos!  And I love that about them.  We’ve been in talks for a few years about shooting a session at the Big House (Michigan Stadium) for awhile.  So this fall, while Michigan was off on a bye, and the skies were blue, we headed to A2 to do just that!  Unfortunately  we didn’t make it onto the field this time, but I have no doubt there will be a session on the field with these guys in our future.  Thanks again M family.  Nothing better then photographing Michigan Families (I’ll shoot Spartan families too, for an added fee….kidding).  Go Blue!

McP-18 McP-22 McP-32 McP-34



This sweet girl has been in front of my camera since she was a wee lil’ one barely sitting up.  Since then her family has moved “up north” to Toronto.  So it’s always a treat when her mom emails me that they will be in the area and would like a photo session.  The one thing about this family, they are a LOCK for amazing weather!  And this session was no different.  SA and I had fun spending some time exploring downtown Northville.  Great seeing you guys again!

SA-7 SA-8 SA-23 SA-35 SA-44

Now it’s not fair unless I start with admitting that H is family.  Seems my little cousin Tara started off another baby boom in our family.  It’s also a shame that I am SIX MONTHS late in sharing H!  How did I forget to share this cute little guy on my blog?  I was honored that my cousin Tara and her husband Matt let me photograph H.  I can say now, of course 6 months later, that they are amazing parents and seem to really fit into parenthood nicely.  Okay, enough chatter…..


IMG_0466 IMG_0542 IMG_0604 IMG_0644 IMG_0751