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Yes,  I do have more babies to share…..Yes, summer is almost here.  But today….today we talk money making opportunities!

Some of you may know about my slight addiction to cute clothes for my kids.  From BabyGAP to Mini Boden to Matilda Jane, my kids closets could finance that European Vacation I’ve always wanted.  Hmmmmmm, so why do I buy cute clothes again?  LOL.

I learned about these “pop-up” consignment sales from friends on Facebook that live in the south.  Yes, we have consignment stores here.  And yes, I sell at them.  But they take a cut and they decide the price.  Great when you are the shopper scoring the $5 pair of Mini Boden Shorts, not good when you’re the seller getting $2.50 on a pair of shorts that resell on Ebay for $20.  And yes, there is eBay.  But sometimes it’s a pain in the butt!

With Rhea Lana you can set the price and get up to 80% back!  80%!  Too busy to price and tag and enter your items?  They offer a VIP option that you an sign up for now and get 50% back!  I chose the DIY option.  I participated in both the fall and spring sales and to date have made over $700!!!!  More then I made at mom to mom sales, without the haggling of “will you take $.50 for this $40 Matilda Jane Dress?”

And because you’re all going to race over to the website and sign up now, be sure you mention me, Amy Porter 😉  They are taking VIP consigners right now!

Rhea Lana of Detroit