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Yes,  I do have more babies to share…..Yes, summer is almost here.  But today….today we talk money making opportunities!

Some of you may know about my slight addiction to cute clothes for my kids.  From BabyGAP to Mini Boden to Matilda Jane, my kids closets could finance that European Vacation I’ve always wanted.  Hmmmmmm, so why do I buy cute clothes again?  LOL.

I learned about these “pop-up” consignment sales from friends on Facebook that live in the south.  Yes, we have consignment stores here.  And yes, I sell at them.  But they take a cut and they decide the price.  Great when you are the shopper scoring the $5 pair of Mini Boden Shorts, not good when you’re the seller getting $2.50 on a pair of shorts that resell on Ebay for $20.  And yes, there is eBay.  But sometimes it’s a pain in the butt!

With Rhea Lana you can set the price and get up to 80% back!  80%!  Too busy to price and tag and enter your items?  They offer a VIP option that you an sign up for now and get 50% back!  I chose the DIY option.  I participated in both the fall and spring sales and to date have made over $700!!!!  More then I made at mom to mom sales, without the haggling of “will you take $.50 for this $40 Matilda Jane Dress?”

And because you’re all going to race over to the website and sign up now, be sure you mention me, Amy Porter 😉  They are taking VIP consigners right now!

Rhea Lana of Detroit

I’m so excited to announce a first for Lil Sweet Pea Photography.  Stylized Mini Sessions!  What are stylized mini sessions?  Well I’d be happy to share :)

As we all know, February is the month of Love, of Valentines Day!  It’s also normally too darn cold to do sessions outside for most kids (I’m always willing to take on the weather with a daring soul).  This year, I have found a wonderful little studio in Royal Oak to host my first ever All You Need is Love mini sessions.  A week too late to be official Valentine’s sessions but never fear!

Your 20 minute mini session will be filled with all kinds of “love” based props.  Kissy lips on a stick.  Mustaches on a Stick.  Of course paper hearts, Ballons, etc, etc.  Got a boy?  Don’t worry!  This themed session works for boys or girls.  And how cute would your son be sporting a “mom” heart tattoo?  Or covered in red lipstick kisses?

For $95 you’ll get a 20 minute mini session, an online gallery with 5-10 images to chose from and your choice of an 8×10 print (no substitutions allowed).  You will also receive 20% off any additional purchases you make!

Now is a great time to update that portrait of your lil’ sweet pea!  And at a price that can’t be beat!  Click Here to book your session TODAY!  They will fill up fast!


Without further ado…….Email me today to book yours!


I launched my new blog, my new site, and my new pricing.  It was a long process (2 years on the website), and lots of thought went into what I want my business to be, and what I want to offer my clients old and new, so let me start by explaining the new session offers.

In the past, I’ve had sessions, and mini sessions.  I’ve wanted to take the leap into a more custom and catered session experience, but I also wanted to keep a bit of my current offerings.  What was born was my two new session offers; the signature session, and the simple session.

The signature session takes the Lil Sweet Pea Photography experience to a new level.  First off you have your choice of location, be it your home, favorite park, or favorite city location.  Signature sessions offer pre-session consultations.  I can help you pick a location, clothes, etc.  Signature sessions offer full length sessions, clothing changes, and multiple people options (mom, dad, siblings, etc).  At the conclusion of the signature session, an in person ordering session wll be scheduled.  I will meet you to help you through the ordering process.  I can assist with wall collections, gift options, etc.  You will be shown approximately 30 images.  At the conclusion of your ordering session, the images you have ordered will be placed online for family members and friends to view.  The signature session will offer the ultimate photography experience.

The simple session offers the best of Lil Sweet Pea Photography in a minimal format.  Simple sessions are 30 minutes in either downtown Plymouth or Northville (Ann Arbor will offered various times throughout the year).  Simple sessions work well for older children, quick updates, and children who don’t suffer from stranger anxiety.  1-2 children are allowed, no family images, and no clothing changes are allowed.  At the conclusion of the session, your images approximately 15 images, will be placed into an online gallery for you to order from.  Simple sessions will offer different collections both digital and print.

So there it is…..the change I’ve wanted to offer (Signature session), while still offering the “mini” session option  (Simple session) but now at anytime for any client :)

Those that have been around for awhile know….my website has been LONG overdue for an update.  My blog hasn’t been as badly in need since I do try to share on it more often.  And my prices…well they haven’t changed in 4 years!  And so it was finally time to get busy, lock myself in the office till the wee hours of the morning and get all of this done!

  • New Website
  • New Mobile Site (iPad and iPhone friendly)
  • New Blog
  • New Splash page (that’s the page you first land on if you didn’t know)
  • New Pricing
  • New Session “levels”
  • New Collections!

SO MUCH NEW!  Don’t worry, I’ll take time to explain what all this means to you :)

I can’t believe I’m already looking at booking fall mini sessions.  Believe it or not, I’ve already been contacted by several people to schedule them!  So I expect these to fill fast!  I will be offering a round of mini sessions in September and October.  My September mini sessions will take place in Ann Arbor, my October in Northville at Mill Race.

September Mini Sessions

  • September 19th
  • Ann Arbor – Law Quad or Graffiti Alley option
  • Cost – $100
  • Includes a 20 minute photo session. Please no clothing changes. Siblings may need to book back to back sessions if more images are desired. You will be guaranteed 12 images to chose from (more may be included).

October Mini Sessions

  • October 17th
  • Mill Race Village – Northville
  • Cost – $100
  • Includes a 20 minute photo session. Please no clothing changes. Siblings may need to book back to back sessions if more images are desired. You will be guaranteed 12 images to chose from (more may be included).

Please email me ASAP to secure your fall session!

Hey girls…..

If you haven’t been stalking Denise’s site like I have, you may not have known that the first release of Field Trip is online.  There will actually be two releases this fall.  And I fell in love with BOTH of them.  That said, I decided to book a secondary trunk show for th 2nd release, and switch my 1st release trunk show to a virtual.

Is your head spinning?  What these means is my in home show for August 13th is now cancelled.  In it’s place I will now be hosting a “virtual” opening day show!  Which means no worries about sell outs!  All you have to do is send our wonderful trunk keeper Alison an email or drop her a call between now and Friday (August 6th) at 11am, and you’re set!  So email me or comment below if you need her information!

My 2nd release show will be held at my house on September 3rd from 4-7pm.  Email me or comment below for more info 😉   And just as a teaser, some more MJ eye candy!

It seems I blinked and we’re already half way through July.  Where did June go?  I had 2 concerts (NKOTB and Jimmy Buffett), shot my first wedding, finished the school year and visited with old friends.  Then July snuck up on me and I found myself in Atlantic City celebrating my sister’s bachelorette party and hosting my 3rd “I Shot Someone in Detroit” workshop.  And here we are.

I’ve got lots to announce over the next few days, and lots to share, so keep checking the blog and the facebook page.

First up……………..

Lil Sweet Pea Photography made it into the final round in the Nickelodeon Parent’s Pick for best photographer in Detroit.  So I thank you for all the votes to get there.  Now I need your help in the final round!  You can vote daily (I know, daily….ugh!).  I appreciate any votes you can send my way.

Nominated for best family photographer in Detroit, MI. Vote now!

In addition to the Parent’s Pick, for the second year in a row, Lil Sweet Pea Photography is competing in Channel 4 (WDIV) Vote for the Best, in the best portrait photographer category.  Good news for this, only one vote :)  Again, I appreciate any votes you can give.

We're Competing badge

Thank you again for all your help!  I wouldn’t be going on my 4th year without great clients like you and your support.

Yes, anyone who knows Matilda Jane knows it’s late in the MJ Spring Season.  BUT Matilda Jane just released an offer I could not walk away from!  And I’m so excited to invite all my clients to attend as well.  Matilda Jane is looking for a new Matilda Jane girl to model for the fall line, Ekkkkk!  How exciting is that?

The small print…..your daughter must attend the trunk show, and must be photographed at the show in Matilda Jane either her own, or an outfit tried on at the show!  You could have the next Matilda Jane Girl!!!!

The Details

Date: May 15th

Time: 5:30pm

Place: My House – email me for directions

The TO DIE FOR goodies – Matilda Jane Hammond Bay

Remember, your girls are invited!  So come, have fun and play with the pretty clothes!

First and foremost, Happy New Year.  I’ve been swampped in the land of client orders, and holiday planning for what seems like 2 months.  Add in the fact we hosted 5 versions of Christmas, as well as a baptism over the holidays, and you may understand the lack of posting on here for awhile.

2010 is here and with that comes lots of new plans and ideas in my head.  First of all…..VALENTINE’S DAY Mini Sessions!  I’ve wanted to do these for the past few years, and I’m now finally able to offer them!  Look back soon for a workshop offer for YOU!  Yes, that’s right,  a workshop for my clients…time to learn how to use that new (or old) dSLR (or regular SLR)!

Did the Holidays pass before you managed to get a new photo of your child? Looking for something unique and adorable this Valentine’s Day?

I will be offering Valentine’s Day Mini Sessions at the studio in Detroit on January 17th. For $95 you’ll get a 20 minute sessions with 8 proofs promised in an online private gallery for your viewing. The session will also include your choice of 48 – 2.75″x4″ “class cards” or 24 – 4″x5.5″ flat cards. The class cards are a very cute alternative to the traditional store bought valentines your child usually passes out. Tape a heart shaped sucker on the back, and you’re good to go.  Sessions will be available from 10:30am-3:30pm.

There will also be special digital mini collections available for purchase.  Click, mini sessions, to reserve your spot NOW!