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Hey girls…..

If you haven’t been stalking Denise’s site like I have, you may not have known that the first release of Field Trip is online.  There will actually be two releases this fall.  And I fell in love with BOTH of them.  That said, I decided to book a secondary trunk show for th 2nd release, and switch my 1st release trunk show to a virtual.

Is your head spinning?  What these means is my in home show for August 13th is now cancelled.  In it’s place I will now be hosting a “virtual” opening day show!  Which means no worries about sell outs!  All you have to do is send our wonderful trunk keeper Alison an email or drop her a call between now and Friday (August 6th) at 11am, and you’re set!  So email me or comment below if you need her information!

My 2nd release show will be held at my house on September 3rd from 4-7pm.  Email me or comment below for more info 😉   And just as a teaser, some more MJ eye candy!

Hey girls….sad to say, but back to school shopping is nearly upon us.  And trust me, as a teacher and now mom to a soon to be kindergartener, I’d like to hold off the BTS shopping as much as possible.  That said, the only good thing about BTS shopping is MATILDA JANE’s Fall line!  Woooo!

I will be hosting a trunk show at my house w/ the wonderful Alison on August 13th from 4-7pm.  If you are interested please drop me an email, for more information and my address.  The new line, Field Trip, looks AWESOME!

Last month (gosh nearly a month already), I hosted a Matilda Jane Trunk Show at my house.  Matilda Jane was running a promo looking for their next cover girl.  I’m not sure who had more fun, the moms or the little girls playing dress up!  As if you don’t all know, I love Matilda Jane.  I’m hoping to host a show for the fall line, so check back on the blog, or the facebook page.  Enough chatting…..Oh wait, one last announcement, I’m working on something exciting I hope to share with you all VERY soon :)

This little girl is the famous baby girl in the red bucket on my website and business cards!  Where has the time gone?

Yes, anyone who knows Matilda Jane knows it’s late in the MJ Spring Season.  BUT Matilda Jane just released an offer I could not walk away from!  And I’m so excited to invite all my clients to attend as well.  Matilda Jane is looking for a new Matilda Jane girl to model for the fall line, Ekkkkk!  How exciting is that?

The small print…..your daughter must attend the trunk show, and must be photographed at the show in Matilda Jane either her own, or an outfit tried on at the show!  You could have the next Matilda Jane Girl!!!!

The Details

Date: May 15th

Time: 5:30pm

Place: My House – email me for directions

The TO DIE FOR goodies – Matilda Jane Hammond Bay

Remember, your girls are invited!  So come, have fun and play with the pretty clothes!

So the countdown is on. In 6 days, brother boy, as he has been named by Mads, will be here. So what does one do while waiting? Well of course a photo session with their most favorite subject 😉

Mads and I waddled out today (well I waddled, she ran) to do a belated 4 year old session. Since I wasn’t up to traveling very far, the old stand by of Mill Race was used. And of course I had to dress her in some Matilda Jane 😉  Who by the way is having an online art fair this weekend!

For those clients waiting and wanting to book summer sessions,  I am unavailable ALL of June!  June will be my official maternity leave, but it’ll also be jammed packed w/ other events (NKOTB BABY!).  Starting in late June, I will begin contacting those baby plan clients that are waiting on sessions.  After that, the calendar will slowly open to the general public.  I will say, I plan on hosting a studio blowout event with EXTREME discount sessions (talking $50 people) to celebrate my studio’s opening (yes, it’s been open, but I haven’t been shooting).   So look for information on that to follow!

Now without anymore waiting….My Princess 😉




Back at the end of February I managed to convince my mom to yet again join Madeline and I on a trip to Disney (the joys of being a tax season widow).  We made the trip last year, very last minute (we booked 2 weeks before we left), and loved it, so we thought to do it again.  The difference this year, I’m of course pregnant, LOL!  Oh and instead of 3 days, we did 8!  Since we planned this more in advance, I was able to book a ton (6) of character meals for Madeline, which she LOVED.  In fact she became quite the snob when it came to waiting in line to meet a character outside of a meal, LOL!

I do have to share a cute little story.  While waiting in line for Alice (one of the VERY few characters Madeline would wait for), Mads asked me if I thought Alice would ride the teacups with her.  I told her Alice is a very busy person, but she could ask.  So we get up to Alice and Madeline asks her.  And much to our shock, Alice says YES!   So we wait for Alice to come back from break (about 15 minutes) and Alice walks up, takes Madeline’s hand and walks her right onto the teacup ride (which had over an hour wait, LOL!).  Alice asks her which color teacup they want and Madeline gets to chose before all the other people are allowed on.  Now of course people in line can’t believe Alice is on the teacups.  I heard so many mommies commenting on how lucky “that little girl was”, LOL!

I have to say Disney knows how to make Magic.  Last year she got the private meet and greet w/ Cinderella, and this year it was Alice and the teacups.

Oh and Denise, Alice loved Madeline’s Matilda Jane dress.  In fact Madeline’s MJ was complimented all week (as you can see, she was in it nearly everyday, LOL!

*Disclaimer….since I was about 28 weeks preggo in Disney, all I was willing to haul around the park was my little point and shoot.  It was quite liberating and at the same time I had to laugh while nearly every other stinking person in Disney was hauling an SLR, LOL!



Yes, I’m a nut job that gets excited over the little things.  You know like the annoucement that Jimmy Buffett is touring MI again this summer, that my 5 boyfriends (New Kids on the Block) will also be touring, and that Denise has announced the launch of her spring line; Hotline.  It’s the little things that get me going.

If you’re addicted to Matilda Jane, like I am, you too are probably stalking Denise’s blog to get a look at the sneak peeks.  You might also have been tempted, like I was, to go to the UM/LSSU hockey game just to get some inside dirt, LOL!  For the record, I didn’t go, but I wanted too, and Madeline wanted to see “her friend Denise that makes her clothes”, but schedules didn’t work out (Michigan won both games for those wondering).

For those addicted like myself, I will be hosting a trunk show w/ the wonderful Rachel on March 6th at my Northville home.  Clients are welcome, blog readers are welcome, friends of clients and blog readers are welcome, grandmas of MJ addicts are definetely welcomed 😉

If you’d like to order but can’t make it, that is also welcomed!  Just drop me an email for more details 😉  Email Me

Yes, I’ve now known for nearly a month what Baby Porter version 2.0. It’s amazing how fast time can get away from you. Those of my clients on facebook were able to get the announcement already (which reminds me, I need to add that info here). Baby Porter 2.0 was not shy in showing us what HE has. Yes, that’s right, we’re expecting a boy.

Those of you that know my Matilda Jane obsession can understand my intial disappointment that I only get one little princess.  But the shock is wearing off and I’m accepting that instead of another princess, I’ve got the next great U of M hockey player from Northville.  (For those rusty on their UM Hockey players, Kevin Porter of Northville, no relation, won the Hobey Baker last year – Hockey’s version of the Heisman).  But enough of that tangent.

I’m happy to report my client forms are now online.  You will be able to fill out all that session paperwork online now.  It’s my attempt to go green :)

For those clients on facebook, I invited you to friend me, Amy Porter.  You can also join the Lil Sweet Pea Photography Group, or “fan” my business page.  Just another way to spread the word 😉  I’ll possibly start posting sneak peeks on facebook as well that you will be able to tag 😉

One last announcement that will get it’s own post as well.  I will (I mean of course I will, LOL) be hosting a Spring Matilda Jane trunk show with the LOVELY Rachel on March 6th, a Friday.  So start saving those pennies.  More information to follow, but drop me an email if you are interested!

I am so excited.  I decided this fall to host an actual Matilda Jane Trunk show at my home in Northville.  And I want to invite all my clients, customers, friends and blog readers :)  And like last time, I’ve secured one of the opening spots for the fall shows (yes, I am that good!).

How does a show work?  Well you’ll come to my house and get to touch, feel and see all of the goodies from the fall Matilda Jane line.  There will be sample sizes for you to try on your little girls.  I’ll have some yummy snacks for you to munch on while you shop.  You stop by whenever you’d like, within the 3pm-7pm time frame, and stay as long as you like.  And like in the past, you will get a $50 gift card to Lil Sweet Pea Photography for any purchases you make!

If you would like more information, please email me.  I will share all the info (dates, times, locations) with you.  And of course I can’t post this without sharing those lovely photos of Mads in MJ 😉



Seems to be an annual tradition now getting Mads photos in front of the tulips in our front yard.  This year’s session was really forced.  We were in between going to the mall and dinner.  But nonetheless, I have to share.  If you notice her shoes they are her first pair of All Star Converse Chucks 😉  And I HAD to buy them for this outfit!

Without further ado… Mads and the tulips.  Oh and yes, that is Matilda Jane once again.  Well MJ skirt and leggings w/ a lilly pulitzer top.