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This sweet girl has been in front of my camera since she was a wee lil’ one barely sitting up.  Since then her family has moved “up north” to Toronto.  So it’s always a treat when her mom emails me that they will be in the area and would like a photo session.  The one thing about this family, they are a LOCK for amazing weather!  And this session was no different.  SA and I had fun spending some time exploring downtown Northville.  Great seeing you guys again!

SA-7 SA-8 SA-23 SA-35 SA-44

Now it’s not fair unless I start with admitting that H is family.  Seems my little cousin Tara started off another baby boom in our family.  It’s also a shame that I am SIX MONTHS late in sharing H!  How did I forget to share this cute little guy on my blog?  I was honored that my cousin Tara and her husband Matt let me photograph H.  I can say now, of course 6 months later, that they are amazing parents and seem to really fit into parenthood nicely.  Okay, enough chatter…..


IMG_0466 IMG_0542 IMG_0604 IMG_0644 IMG_0751

I’ll admit it!  I suck!  I’ve been doing a horrible job keeping up with my blog, my twitter, my business facebook page, times that by two (since there’s Seniorology as well), add in tax season, a lovely daughter in dance (tap, jazz and ballet) , as well as travel soccer, Go Northville Rush U8 Nike Girls, and a son taking skating soon to be hockey lessons, oh yeah and teaching the lovely middle schoolers everyday……<exhale> something gets neglected.  Though I’m sure what I just typed most moms are nodding along with, right there with me.

With that said, meet Miss C.  I’ve shot her lovely brother B since he was a newborn himself.  So when mom (who happens to be Maddie’s dance teacher) spilled the beans she was preggo, and later it was a girl, I was so thrilled for her and to do this session.  Now I have to add, I’ve had a glimpse into “dance moms” via the show “Dance Moms”.  And Maddie is BEGGING me to be on Ms. Melissa’s team (shameless plug….The Dance Connection).  But I had no idea how excited dance moms get for a new baby, especially a girl, who happens to be the daughter of the studio owner.  Miss C at 1 week old already had probably 100 different hair bows and diaper covers.  And while it’s so not my style to embrace the gigantic flower head bands, I did make an exception for Miss C because the outfit was in the dance studio’s colors.

I can’t WAIT to watch Miss C grow up along with her big brother B.

CM-27 CM-14 CM-20 CM-23

How fast a year goes! A year ago I photographed J’s newborn photos. He was fresh, and well, I was the size of a house still pregnant with Brady. A year later I get to photograph J again, and he has turned into such the sweet little boy. Now as a mom of a son (and a daughter) I of course think my little guy is the cutest, but J gives Brady a run for his money! I absolutely love the outfit mom chose (shhhh, I’m thinking of stealing the idea for Brady’s photos), and I love the location of the house she chose. Of course J’s session was the one day that it was not only cold, but also gloomy and raining. Isn’t that how it always works?

So Happy 1st Birthday J! I hope to see you again in the fall, when you’ll be bigger and I’m sure even cuter!

Gosh, they say going from 1 to 2 kids is hard. Its not so much that it’s hard, it’s more that you lose any “me” time you once had!!! I’m still trying to figure out the balance between it all. So here I am taking full advantage of naptime 😉

I photographed C back in January as part of my Valentine’s minis. I couldn’t share these photos back then, well because C’s mommy was very sneaky and did this session as a surprise for daddy and the family. I’m impressed E was able to pull it off.

So it may be late, but here’s some belated Valentine’s Day cuteness!

Let’s all start sining “It’s a small world after all….”  Now why do I have that song now going through your heads?  Well it IS a small world.  Seems A (the twin’s mommy) found my site online looking for a photographer for her new twins.  She was shocked to see it was ME, LOL!  A lived two doors down from me my sophomore year at Michigan.  A and her (then boyfriend B) even came to my wedding.  But as we all know, prior to facebook it was harder to stay in touch.  I moved off to Vegas, and A and B got married.

I was so excited when she decided to book me to shoot her new twins M and T.  It was great to catch with both A and B and while photographing their adorable boy/girl twins.  I had a BLAST at the session, and B I’m kind of dissappointed we didn’t pursue your whole urban infant concept w/ gold chains 😉

Okay enough typing, let’s get to the photos.  Twins means more photos for me to share!  I had to share the image of T trying to eat M.  Poor girl!


When I found out Brady was a boy, I figured he’d just have to date an older woman, R.  Mads boyfriend is D.  D’s little sister is R.  Kelly and I had it all planned, they’d double date.  But Kelly decided not only get get pregnant again, but also have another little girl.  Wooo!  Brady had a girlfriend-to-be who would be younger then him.  Sorry R, you’re gonna have to date outside the Porter pool, LOL!

Much like older sister R (who if you remember, waited until I got my camera back from repairs to be born), N decided to take her time getting here.  Something about those O girls, they want to cook a bit longer.  Something special about N’s entrance into this world….she was born at home!  My goodfriend Kelly went from a c-section, to a VBAC to a HOME BIRTH!  WOW! (I should add, N came in weighing 9lbs 8oz too!).    And here I was signing on the dotted line for a repeat c-section the minute the stick turned blue!

Enough of the novel.  N, welcome to the world.  I really hope Brady and you get the chance to grow up together like Mads and your big brother D.


I know P and M’s mom through one of those online mommy boards.  You know those places you go as a new mom for all kinds of advice and then get sucked into the drama of it all, LOL!  I remember reading when P came to live w/ V (mom) and when M was born.  So it was great to finally meet V this summer when she volunteered P and M to be models for my workshop.  And I was flatter when V decided to take advantage of my mini sessions this holiday season.  I have to share a few outtakes of M&P for you to understand my title.  M loves her brother P.  I think I caught her licking him a few times, and hugging him a few times.  But nothing says true sibling love to me like a choke hold, LOL!

M and P I had a blast w/ our session.  V and C, I hope you like these!


You might recognize L and A.  Their session from last fall is rotating in my blog header.  This year they were a year older and much spunkier.  It’s fun to get a glimpse into what’s to come now that I have a boy of my own.  L and A were great troopers and I think we got some great images.  But I just have to share atleast one outtake from the session.  With two 3 year olds, there’s always someone there to egg you on.



A few weeks back I got to photograph R & N at their grandma’s beautiful house.  Seriously, if I could move into her yard and only do sessions there, I’d be in photographer heaven!  R & N were on a coast to coast move (from Cali to Conn) with a stop in MI to see grandma.  Think that’s a handful?  Add in a pregnant mommy and two dogs to boot!  I’m tired just typing all of that 😉

I had a blast photographing R and N!  Congrats on your soon to be new little brother.  I hope mom, grandma, grandpa, dad and your aunt all love these photos!  I know I had a hard time choicing my favorites 😉