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Some of you know, and some of you have even modeled for my ISSID (I Shot Someone in Detroit) workshops.  I’m asked every year if I would open it up to those on a more basic level, for those looking to learn more about their camera, or just starting off.  And this year I’ve decided to do just that!

The workshop is meant for those new to the business, wanting to look at starting a business, or struggling with a business.  However, those wanting to learn more about their camera can also attend.

I’ll spare all the details here on my blog and just tell you to head on over to the workshop blog for more information 😉

I Shot Someone in Detroit Rookie Workshop

Snap Happy Workshop

January 6, 2010

I’ve been asked numerous times, when will I host a workshop for those with a camera that don’t want to be in business. With the drop in the price of entry level DSLR’s so many people today own one, and many of those same people never exit “auto” mode.

So I’ve decided to take the leap into hosting two workshops for those looking to learn more. On February 20th, I will be hosting a workshop on DSLR (or SLR) camera basics at the studio in Detroit, from 11am-3pm. Learn how to exit “auto” mode and venture into other camera settings including full manual.

What’s included in the workshop:

* Getting to know how your camera works (ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, etc.)
* Natural light and how to use it
* Hands on & Interactive (so bring your camera!)
* Lunch (lunch will be provided!)
* a copy of Bryan Peterson’s Understanding Exposure

What to bring:

* A positive attitude
* YOUR CAMERA (It would also be helpful if you could bring your camera manual to refer to if necessary)
* Your laptop or a notebook to take notes
* Your Questions

What’s the cost?:

* $150 early bird registration – register by Jan 31st.
* $25 off your registration if you bring a friend.
* $175 if you register after Jan 31st.

A minimum of 4 participants is needed for this workshop. A maximum of 10 students will be allowed.

Note – This is not for professional photographers, but for moms & dads that want to get the most out of their DSLR cameras. Business aspects such as vendors and pricing will not be discussed.

About Me: Many people do not know, I originally attended the University of Michigan School of Art. In addition to coursework there, I taught black and white film photography and darkroom at Rochester High School.

Email me for more information

I need more models….

June 4, 2008

On June 16th I’m hosting a workshop in Detroit, I Shot Someone in Detroit. I originally put the call out (via my newsletter) that I needed models under 2. Well now it seems I need models of ALL ages! We don’t have the timeline scheduled yet, but we’re going to need several models, boys and girls, in all age ranges.

I’m looking for little ones who have a good temperament, are comfortable around strangers and have a vast wardrobe 😉 If you think your child fits the bill, please email me!

In exchange for giving of your child and time, I will gift you w/ a CD of images shot from the workshop :)