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I am so excited.  I decided this fall to host an actual Matilda Jane Trunk show at my home in Northville.  And I want to invite all my clients, customers, friends and blog readers :)  And like last time, I’ve secured one of the opening spots for the fall shows (yes, I am that good!).

How does a show work?  Well you’ll come to my house and get to touch, feel and see all of the goodies from the fall Matilda Jane line.  There will be sample sizes for you to try on your little girls.  I’ll have some yummy snacks for you to munch on while you shop.  You stop by whenever you’d like, within the 3pm-7pm time frame, and stay as long as you like.  And like in the past, you will get a $50 gift card to Lil Sweet Pea Photography for any purchases you make!

If you would like more information, please email me.  I will share all the info (dates, times, locations) with you.  And of course I can’t post this without sharing those lovely photos of Mads in MJ 😉



Seems to be an annual tradition now getting Mads photos in front of the tulips in our front yard.  This year’s session was really forced.  We were in between going to the mall and dinner.  But nonetheless, I have to share.  If you notice her shoes they are her first pair of All Star Converse Chucks 😉  And I HAD to buy them for this outfit!

Without further ado… Mads and the tulips.  Oh and yes, that is Matilda Jane once again.  Well MJ skirt and leggings w/ a lilly pulitzer top.




I love Chicago!

April 29, 2008

Two weekends ago was the first weekend that my husband was off since January. Such is the life of a CPA. So we decided to head out of town, very much on a whim! He came home from work Thursday night, we packed and hopped the train to Chicago (all within an hour, LOL!).

We spent Friday out and around Chicago. We went to Navy Pier, walked Michigan Ave, of course stopped by American Girl and got Mads a mini-Madeline, and checked out Millennium Park. Madeline absolutely loved Millennium Park, she even kissed the bean good-bye when we left.

So now I share some of our images from Chicago…… And yes, that is Matilda Jane she is wearing.  It’s the Betsy Knot Dress and the Allie Ruffles 😉





So what happens when you are a photographer (well and a teacher)? Well if you’re me, you don’t get to your own family’s images for awhile. At the end of February when I was on mid-winter break, my mom and I took Mads down to Florida to meet Mickey Mouse. Now I don’t want to sound like one of those bragging parents, but Madeline has had a thing for her US puzzle. And every time she placed Florida on the map she would say “Florida, Mickey Mouse, princesses and alligators live there. Can I goes to Florida?”. So on a last minute whim, we decided to take Mads to Florida to see Mickey Mouse, princesses and alligators, LOL!

When we got to Floridas (as Mads calls it), it was nice and sunny. By day 3 it was cold even for us Michiganders. That is why some images I’m sharing are in shorts and some are in coats, LOL! We started off the adventure at MGM by meeting Donald and Daisy….


As you can see, she was TERRIFIED! However she had something going on w/ Chip and Dale. She absolutely loved them!


After the chipmunks we ventured to Hollywood and Vine for some lunch where she met Jo-Jo, Goliath, June and Leo.





On day 3 we visited the Magic Kingdom. On our way in we were stopped and given one of the Million Dreams. Madeline was given a private one on one princess meet and greet. Now let me say Mads wasn’t that into princesses when this happened. Sure she was one for Halloween. But overall she could take or leave the princesses.

Her princess meet and greet was with Cinderella. And can I tell you, since meeting Cinderella her world has become all about the princesses. We now have the Cinderella DVD, princess dress, doll, book, mirror, magic wand, etc. It’s amazing how quick the princesses can take over your life, LOL!


That would be my Princess Madeline w/ Cinderella. (And yes, she’s yet again in Matilda Jane….I’m telling you, I’m addicted, LOL!).

After Cinderella it was time to meet Belle (who has also become a fixture in our house!).


Now by our last day in Disney, Mads was a character pro! We booked a breakfast w/ Goofy and Friends before we caught our plane out. Minnie was the first to greet Mads but she was a FAST mover, so excuse the crappy photo, LOL!


Goofy was next to our table, and made himself comfortable in my seat! We forgot to ask him to do the hotdog dance though!


And finally the Chip stopped by to swoon Madeline again. She just loved those dang chipmunks, LOL!


So that’s a quick overview of Madeline’s trip to Disney. She was at the perfect age. #1 she was FREE because she was still 2, LOL! #2 she soaked in EVERYTHING and loved every minute of it. #3 at this age the princesses are still very real! Honestly I can’t wait to get back again. But I’m trying to remember she is only 3 and we have lots of time at Disney left :)

My Mads in Matilda Jane

April 6, 2008

Are you sick of me singing the praises of Matilda Jane yet? With the warm weather we had this weekend, I was able to get Mads outside and take some photos of some of my new goodies. I believe Mads has 3 dress, 2 shirts, a skirt, 2 pants, a pair of leggings and a pair of “shorts” from the new line, and no, I’m not done yet, LOL! In fact my husband said last night (as we were doing this shoot) that Mads looks so fabu (yes, he used the word fabu….I rub off on people) that she should ONLY wear MJ. I informed him that is quite possible, and we nearly own the entire Spring line (LOL!). Um, Denise are you reading this? Not only a photographer but a complete MJ addict here! (and willing to shoot for your next catalog, hint…hint).

Without further ado….Mads in her MJ….Oh and for my photography friends, these were shot with the Canon 50mm 1.2L lens. Oh boy do I want this lens. Maybe if I stopped buying Matilda Jane clothes, I could afford it :)